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Bernie Demands That The Border Patrol Let Anyone In To The Country

Bernie, like essentially all Democrats, has completely lost his mind.

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Extreme And Unusual Climate Fraud Continues At Government Agencies

The BBC has just breathlessly reported record warmth in January across much of Africa and South America. ‘ Extreme and unusual’ climate trends continue after record 2016 – BBC News This is completely fake data. NOAA thermometers show the exact of … Continue reading

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Hurricane Attribution

Three of the ten deadliest Atlantic hurricanes occurred between 1775 and 1780. This can only be blamed on George Washington’s Sport Utility Horse. Deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes | Weather Underground Nine of the ten deadliest storms occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM.

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Protecting San Francisco From Imaginary Sea Level Rise

Sea level in the San Francisco Bay is lower than it was in 1940. Sea Level Trends – State Selection But not to worry, government experts have a 72 page plan to protect San Francisco from imaginary sea level rise. … Continue reading

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Massive Expansion Of Thick Arctic Ice Over The Past Decade

Nine years ago, there was no thick ice in the Chukchi, Bering or East Siberian Seas. Now there is a lot of thick ice there. DMI Modelled ice thickness The extent of multi-year ice has more than doubled since 2008, and is … Continue reading

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Proof Of Russian Election Hacking

Twenty years ago, Mr. Hillary Clinton bragged about hacking the Russian election. RESCUING BORIS – TIME

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Twenty-Three Years Since Monica’s Boyfriend Ended North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

In 1994, Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend (whose wife recently lied to the FBI about her mishandling of classified E-Mail) ended North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Last year, Barack Hussein Obama modeled the Iran deal after the highly successful Clinton Korea deal. … Continue reading

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Cool Pictures From Today

This one was taken from 2.5 miles away.

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