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A Century Of No Progress On Renewables

One hundred years ago, the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell foresaw a future where coal and oil were replaced by renewables. 100 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell warned us about the ‘greenhouse effect’ A century later, inventors have made no … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent The Same As 2006

Experts say the Arctic is record hot and melting down, but Arctic sea ice extent is the same as eleven years ago. Quite a meltdown. ‎osisaf.met.no/p/osisaf_hlprod_qlook.php

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More Cool Stuff From Yesterday

CU students being exposed to EPA designated toxic CO2.

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Another Smoking Gun Of Fraud At NOAA/NASA

Most of the warming NOAA/NASA claim is occurring, is during the Arctic winter. By averaging all temperatures equally, they ignore the fact that there is essentially no latent heat in the Arctic winter. There is little evaporation, melting or freezing of … Continue reading

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Rino Sighting In Indiana

The mayor of Carmel, Indiana wants to stop climate change. This Republican mayor is bucking his party to stand up for climate action Had he done any actual research, he would have known that the climate of Carmel isn’t changing, or … Continue reading

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More Smoking Guns Of Fraud At NOAA

The US has by far the best temperature record of any large area on Earth. We have an excellent network of 1200+ USHCN (United States Historical Climatology Network) stations with data going back to 1895 and earlier. The raw USHCN … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Legacy

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Barack Obama  October 30, 2008

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