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What I See Vs. What They See

Climate alarmists believe that the world is falling apart. I see a beautiful world threatened only by psychotic progressives.

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NASA/NOAA Have Little Or No Long-Term Temperature Data For The UK

This is a list of all of the NASA/GHCN stations within 255 km of Waddington, England, that have raw temperature data. They have only two stations with recent data, and none with continuous temperature records going back to the 1930’s. … Continue reading

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Alarmists’ Arctic Nightmare Continues

While climate alarmists have been telling endless lies about record heat and melting in the Arctic and Greenland this winter, thick ice has been pushing into the East Siberian, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas – which determine the summer minimum extent. DMI … Continue reading

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Hot March Weather Is A Thing Of The Past In Arizona

March 100 degree days in Arizona were common until 1910, but have only happened in four years since 1910. The vast majority of hot March weather occurred below 310 PPM CO2. This is what Arizona looks like today. Our Webcams … Continue reading

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Foreign Election Hacking Update

Nigel Farage: Britons voted for Brexit because Obama told them not to | TheHill

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This Date In 1910 – 100F In Arizona

On March 3, 1910, three fourths of the US was over 60F, half was over 70F, and Parker, Arizona was 100F. CO2 was 300 PPM at the time. March 3 temperatures in Parker have declined about five degrees over the past … Continue reading

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Old/Thick Sea Ice Has Doubled Since 2009

Very Fake News CNN, claims that multi-year Arctic sea ice is at its lowest level in three decades. Old ice is vanishing – CNN.com As is almost always the case with CNN, they are lying. The area of old/thick sea ice (shown … Continue reading

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Cold Facts Suggest That NASA Climate Science Is Fake News

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Thirty years ago, everyone understood that the US was much hotter during the 1930’s April 23, 1984 – Cold facts suggest a chilling trend | Chicago … Continue reading

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Thirty Years Of NASA Fake Climate News

In 1988, NASA’s original fake climate scientist predicted a large increase in the number of 90 degree days in DC. 12 Dec 1988, Page 34 – Lansing State Journal The exact opposite of what Hansen predicted has occurred. The Washington DC … Continue reading

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Government Temperature Graphs Are Fake News

The Eastern Arctic was very warm from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, and glaciers were rapidly melting. Current Melting of Greenland’s Ice Mimicks 1920s-1940s Event | NSF – National Science Foundation Facts didn’t suit the funding needs of government agencies like NASA … Continue reading

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