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This Day In 1925 – Record Heat Followed By The Deadliest Tornado In History

The Eastern US is very cold and snowy today, but on this date in 1925 they were experiencing summer weather – with 80 degree temperatures in Indiana and Ohio. A few days later, the area was hit with the deadliest tornado(es) … Continue reading

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As CO2 Rises, Stupidity Comes Earlier For Climate Experts

For decades we have been hearing from experts that spring is coming earlier – due to your SUV. Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Spring Comes Earlier | Union of Concerned Scientists Like everything else with the climate superstition, it … Continue reading

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Rapid Fake News Payback

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods. Albert Einstein Two days ago, the fake news New York Times announced the end of winter and blamed your … Continue reading

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March 15, 1993

Right after the fake news New York Times and Washington Post declared an early spring, the East Coast is headed for an historic cold snap. But one year stood out as ridiculously cold.  On March 15, 1993 temperatures in New … Continue reading

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Spectacular Climate Fraud From The World Bank

I signed up a for a World Bank climate course.  The very first slide was this one, which shows sea level rise accelerating after 1930, and continuing to rise quickly until the present. This is fake data. In 1982, NASA’s … Continue reading

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A Fairly Typical Commute

I took these pictures commuting on my bicycle to work this morning. Look at that extra 0.0001 mole fraction CO2! It terrifies Boulder progressives.

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