Ignoring The Perils Of Fake Scientists

Two days ago, experts told us that global warming is destroying Alaska. Bloomberg says global warming is making Alaska winters warm.

Fairbanks is having their coldest March on record, with near record cold in the forecast for the next week.

For the year so far, Fairbanks is averaging -6F, with declining January-March temperatures since 1981. This year is averaging 23 degrees colder than 1981, when CO2 was 345 PPM.

Over the last 40 years, there has been no temperature trend in Fairbanks.

The Nenana River currently has one meter thick ice.

There is more sea ice than normal along the Alaskan coast.


Congress needs to cut off funding to this scam, and these fake scientists, politicians and journalists need to be called out and humiliated. Enough is enough.

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