March 23, 1907 – An Incredibly Hot Day

On March 23, 1907 there were 90 degree temperatures in CO, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MD, MS, NC, OH, OK, SC, TX, VA. Almost two-thirds of the country was over 70F.

US.txt date=03231907 threshf=70 > US_03231907_70F.csv

Early spring was much warmer in the US prior to 1950, but you will never hear this from the press or government scientists whose living depends on spreading disinformation.

./ghcn.exe US.txt date=0323 threshf=70 > US_0323_70F.csv

March 23, 1907
Station                 State   Number          Temperature (F)
HOLLY               	CO	USC00054076	91
OCALA               	FL	USC00086414	95
FEDERAL POINT       	FL	USC00082915	94
MADISON             	FL	USC00085275	94
BARTOW              	FL	USC00080478	93
LAKE CITY 2 E       	FL	USC00084731	93
SAINT LEO           	FL	USC00087851	91
BRUNSWICK           	GA	USC00091340	99
HAWKINSVILLE        	GA	USC00094170	96
WAYCROSS 4 NE       	GA	USC00099186	94
WEST POINT          	GA	USC00099291	93
GLENNVILLE 3NW      	GA	USC00093754	92
ALBANY 3 SE         	GA	USC00090140	91
MILLEN 4 N          	GA	USC00095882	91
ROME                	GA	USC00097600	91
COVINGTON           	GA	USC00092318	90
MILLEDGEVILLE       	GA	USC00095874	90
NEWNAN 5N           	GA	USC00096335	90
QUITMAN 2 NW        	GA	USC00097276	90
TOCCOA              	GA	USC00098740	90
WHITE HALL 1 E      	IL	USC00119241	90
ANTHONY             	KS	USW00013980	90
ALEXANDRIA          	LA	USC00160098	91
LAUREL 3 W          	MD	USC00185111	90
WARRENTON 1 N       	MO	USC00238725	90
ABERDEEN            	MS	USC00220021	90
TARBORO 1 S         	NC	USC00318500	96
KINSTON 7 SE        	NC	USC00314684	95
LENOIR              	NC	USC00314938	93
MARION 2 NW         	NC	USC00315340	93
MORGANTON           	NC	USC00315838	92
SALISBURY           	NC	USC00317615	92
STATESVILLE 2 NNE   	NC	USC00318292	92
CHAPEL HILL 2 W     	NC	USC00311677	91
HENDERSON 2 NNW     	NC	USC00313969	91
LUMBERTON           	NC	USC00315177	91
MONROE 2 SE         	NC	USC00315771	91
LOUISBURG           	NC	USC00315123	90
BUFFALO 2 SSW       	OK	USC00341243	94
DARLINGTON          	SC	USC00382260	99
SUMMERVILLE 4W      	SC	USC00388426	98
GEORGETOWN 2 E      	SC	USC00383468	97
BLACKVILLE 3 W      	SC	USC00380764	96
CONWAY              	SC	USC00381997	96
KINGSTREE           	SC	USC00384753	95
CAMDEN 3 W          	SC	USC00381310	94
CHARLESTON CITY     	SC	USW00013782	94
AIKEN 5SE           	SC	USC00380074	93
BEAUFORT WWTP       	SC	USC00380559	93
CHERAW              	SC	USC00381588	93
WALHALLA            	SC	USC00388887	93
LITTLE MTN          	SC	USC00385200	92
NEWBERRY            	SC	USC00386209	92
SALUDA              	SC	USC00387631	92
SANTUCK             	SC	USC00387722	92
WINNSBORO           	SC	USC00389327	92
ANDERSON            	SC	USC00380165	91
QUANAH 2 SW         	TX	USC00417336	94
BALLINGER 2 NW      	TX	USC00410493	93
MIAMI               	TX	USC00415875	90
LINCOLN             	VA	USC00444909	92
WOODSTOCK 2 NE      	VA	USC00449263	92
ROCKY MT            	VA	USC00447338	90

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2 Responses to March 23, 1907 – An Incredibly Hot Day

  1. Andy DC says:

    Washington, DC reached an incredible 93 degrees on March 23, 1907. They had three 90 degree days that month from 2 separate heatwaves. Despite 110 years of catastrophic warming, all manmade, I don’t believe there has been another 90 degree day in March ever since.

  2. RAH says:

    Very nice day here in central Indiana. Pleasant 75 deg. F though to me it feels like it’s hot. For now the rain is passing north and south of us though I suspect we’ll get a thunderstorm after sunset. Still haven’t started on getting the yard cleaned up from the winter debris. Haven’t been feeling up to it. Got something that’s been going around apparently.

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