Rino Sighting In Indiana

The mayor of Carmel, Indiana wants to stop climate change.

This Republican mayor is bucking his party to stand up for climate action

Had he done any actual research, he would have known that the climate of Carmel isn’t changing, or perhaps has gotten slightly better over time.

Indiana has many fewer hot days than they used to prior to 1955.

There is nothing the mayor can do to influence the climate anyway, even if he imagines himself to be a sort of god. King Canute understood this, but modern day politicians aren’t that intelligent.

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4 Responses to Rino Sighting In Indiana

  1. Steve Case says:

    According to NOAA’s Climate at a Glance Indiana’s summers have been cooling since the 19th century.

  2. Fred Streeter says:

    Brainard’s having been elected mayor 6 times appears to indicate that his actions are popular with the electorate.

    If you consider him to be a RINO, then you must accept that Carmel, despite their voting for Trump, is a RINO majority town.

  3. Rah says:

    Carmel, IN is a high rent suburb of Indianapolis. Always been out of step with the majority in Hoosier land.
    politicians with a good tax base Love to find ways to spend their constituents money.

  4. Andy DC says:

    I don’t think a lot of what he is doing is wrong, but why bring “climate change” into the equation, when it is total BS. The question is how many extra tax payer dollars is he squandering on feel good nonsense that has absolutely no affect on the climate.

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