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Eight Years Of Falling Sea Level At Manhattan

Manhattan sea level is about the same as 20 years ago. Sea Level Trends – State Selection Progressives are quite predictably hysterical about the Paris accord, because they understand nothing about science, climate, government, politics, or anything else.

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Paris “Climate” Accord Was Nothing But Fakery

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Experts Say!

We had a fire in Boulder on February 10, caused by some homeless people and driven by 60 MPH Chinook winds. Experts immediately declared it due to climate change, and said that the fire season would soon become “year round.” Expert on … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of June 2, 1934

On this date in 1934, temperatures reached 101 in New York, 100 in Pennsylvania, 106 in Ohio, 102 in Michigan, 106 in Wisconsin, 105 in Illinois, 105 in Minnesota, 105 in Iowa, 101 in South Dakota, 102 in Nebraska, 100 … Continue reading

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Hating America At The New York Times

The New York Times is very angry that the US has been so successful, helpful and productive over the past 150 years. The U.S. Is the Biggest Carbon Polluter in History. It Just Walked Away From the Paris Climate Deal. … Continue reading

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