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Volunteer CNN Editor

CNN is collapsing, and they need help. I am doing some free editing work for them to help eliminate their fake news.

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Two Months Of Below Normal Polar Temperatures

Summers have been consistently cold near the North Pole over the last decade, and this summer is no exception. Temperatures have been normal or below every day for the last two months. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut … Continue reading

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James Hansen – Worst Scientist Who Ever Lived?

In 1988, James Hansen predicted that the frequency of droughts would increase by almost 700%. He also said the probability of drought was only 5% in the 1950’s. 15 Dec 1988, Page 57 – Clarion-Ledger In fact, drought probability in … Continue reading

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1974 : Climatologists Wanted To Evacuate Six Million People To Save Them From Global Cooling

TimesMachine: December 29, 1974 – NYTimes.com

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New Video : Thirty Years Of Fake Climate News

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Newsweek July 11, 1988 : Danger: More Fake News Ahead

After James Hansen’s 1988 testimony to Congress where he and Senator Tim Wirth sabotaged the air conditioning system, Newsweek announced that Americans were doomed by the heat – due to a 0.00005 mole fraction increase in atmospheric CO2 since 1900. They … Continue reading

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New York Times 1938 – 1,000 Years Required To Prove Global Warming

In 1938, the New York Times showed that the Arctic, the US, and the world were growing warmer and the Arctic was melting. But they said no self-respecting meteorologist would claim global warming until they had 1,000 years of data … Continue reading

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