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More Trouble For Arctic Alarmists

The Northwest Passage is blocked by very thick ice in the Beaufort Sea. DMI Modelled ice thickness And cold temperatures are forecast there through the end of the month. 10-Day Temperature Outlook By the time this cold spell ends, the … Continue reading

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June Hurricanes

HURDAT Re-analysis The US hasn’t had a hurricane landfall during June for over 30 years, but the US had three June hurricanes in 1886 – which was the most active hurricane year on record for the US. Sixty years ago this month, … Continue reading

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The Power Of Mass Delusion

This woman sounds like she actually believes this mindless BS. Sarah Partan: Adults must act now to protect planet for children No matter how arrogant, foolish or delusional a person is, they don’t influence the climate. How can anyone be … Continue reading

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Pummeting June 16 Temperatures In The US

I’m flying into Detroit, where the temperature is a cool 75 degrees. But June 16 wasn’t always a cool day in the US. In 1913, temperatures were over 100 degrees in parts of Michigan, and almost the entire eastern half … Continue reading

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Green Energy Kills

On days when Muslim terrorists aren’t killing people in London, progressive terrorists are killing people with their green energy insanity – which just killed dozens or hundreds of people. Grenfell Tower inferno a ‘disaster waiting to happen’ as concerns are raised … Continue reading

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Making A Difference

I saw a short presentation this week, which was shown to the President prior to his decision to bail out of the fake Paris climate treaty.  A couple of the slides were generated by me: Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs … Continue reading

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