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Top Animal Pictures From The Last Two Days

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The Heatwave Of June 29, 1936

On June 29, 1936 one third of the US was over 100 degrees, with Seymour and Shoals, Indiana being the hottest places in the US at 111 degrees.  Weather that hot is incomprehensible now, and has been for 60 years. People who … Continue reading

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Just In Case You Forgot For A Minute That Climate Alarmists Are The Scum Of The Earth ….

Al Jazeera Tweets—Then Deletes—Anti-Semitic Climate Change Cartoon – Washington Free Beacon

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June Used To Be Much Hotter In The US

The area and duration of heatwaves in the US during  June used to be much higher prior to 60 years ago. One hundred degree days during June were more than twice as common during the 1930’s as they are now, with … Continue reading

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UN : 17 Years Since Global Warming Killed Us All

Jun. 29, 1989 10:49 PM ET UNITED NATIONS (AP) A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the … Continue reading

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Greenland Glacier Retreated Two Feet Per Day From 1850 To 1903

27 Jul 1903, Page 4 – The Scranton Republican

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1952 : Every Seaport Will Drown Within A Generation

Scientists recycle the same climate scams generation after generation, century after century. 05 Jul 1952, 21 – Honolulu Star-Bulletin

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Spectacular Heatwave Of June 1, 1934

A massive, unprecedented heatwave and drought was in progress on June 1, 1934. Government climate experts don’t talk about this sort of thing, because it wrecks their extreme weather scam.

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