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Cracking Down On Ancient SUV’s

The western US had multi-century droughts with CO2 below 290 PPM, which led to cannibalism and war. Climate experts hope to take us back to that stable climate. Cannibalism, Warfare, and Drought in the Mesa Verde Region during the Twelfth Century 

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New Video : “Fake News About Sea Level Rise”

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New Video : Fake News About Greenland Glaciers

Best watched full screen in HD. 2013   2015   2017

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Plummeting June 17 Temperatures In The US

Prior to 1960, June 17 was typically a very hot day in the US. But since 1960, June 17 has been much cooler than the first half of the 20th century. The ten hottest June 17th’s in the US were 1936, … Continue reading

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