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The Amish Strike Again

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Teaching The Children

CU students want the University to cut all ties with fossil fuels. The University should grant them their wish, and cut all power, heat, communications, transportation and food – all of which are 100% dependent on fossil fuels.  In about … Continue reading

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US Summers Are Getting Much Cooler

Summer is here, and climate alarmists are about to bombard us with claims that global warming is going to burn us up. The data shows the exact opposite. There are 693 USHCN stations which were active in both 1920 and … Continue reading

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New Video : Catastrophically Bad Sea Level Forecasting By Climate Scientists

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Only Six Months Left For The Maldives

According to our top scientists, all 1,196 Maldives Islands will drown in the next six months. So far their prediction is 0/1196 – about par for climate scientists. They also said the Maldives would run out of water by 1992. … Continue reading

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What Do You See In This Picture?

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