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Arctic Lies Continue Unabated

Climate experts continue to insist that Arctic sea ice is at a record low and declining. In fact, Arctic sea ice extent is normal and much higher than last year. Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News … Continue reading

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Placing Blame For Drought

During June of 1934, much of the world was experiencing a massive heat wave and drought. Scientists couldn’t explain it, but believed that increased press coverage was the reason people perceived the drought as being worse than those in the … Continue reading

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Visualizing Heatwave Fraud And Superstition

I’m taking the train in to DC on a beautiful summer morning, and of course the press is pushing the usual “record heat” and “too early for it to be this hot” nonsense. Hot in the east, cool in the … Continue reading

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More Heatwave Lies As Funding Dies

I rode my bike almost 100 miles today in the beautiful Maryland weather  being described by climate fraudsters as “record heat.” Meanwhile, they are pulling the same scam in India, claiming that heatwave deaths are on the rise. Never mind … Continue reading

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