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Coldest June 23 On Record in Boulder?

Current temperature here in Boulder is 52 degrees. Temperatures have been falling for several hours. Our warmest June 24 was in 1954, when temperatures were 2X current temperatures – at 104 degrees. The coldest June 23 was in 1906, when … Continue reading

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A Simple Solution To Controlling Global Warming

New Scientist asks “can we limit global warming to 2°C?” Living with climate change: Can we limit global warming to 2°C? | New Scientist The answer is yes, and the cost is zero. Most man-made global warming is made by Gavin … Continue reading

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New Video : Global Warming Is A Religion, Not A Science

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Popular Science : Fossil Fuels Cause Global Cooling And Global Warming

Popular Science reports that humans are overheating the planet, and have raised Earth’s temperature to almost 59F. Don’t believe our planet is warming up? Look at this. | Popular Science The say fossil fuels cause both global warming and global … Continue reading

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Most Amazing Ride Yet

I got to see mom Cooper’s Hawk feeding her chick, right after it hatched. I’m about 120 feet away.

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