Ministry Of Truth – Erasing The Medieval Warm Period.

In 1981, NASA’s James Hansen showed a Medieval Warm Period – based on temperatures in Greenland, California and England.

In 1981, NASA’s

Global temperature trend is based on temperatures in central England, the tree limit in the White Mountains of California, and oxygen isotope  measurements in the Greenland ice (W. Dansgaard of the Geophysical Isotope Laboratory, University of Copenhagen, pers. comm.), with the  temperature scale set by the variations in the last 100 years


The 1990 IPCC report showed the same thing.


Overlaying Hansen’s 1981 graph on the 1990 IPCC graph, it can be seen that they are almost identical.

This research was reported in Nature in 1975.

24 May 1975, Page 12 – Ames Daily Tribune 

The Medieval Warm Period has been known about for over 80 years.

January 22, 1934 –

The existence of the Medieval Warm Period completely wrecked the global warming scam, so professional climate fraudsters like Michael E Mann decided to get rid of it.

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

And by 2001, the Medieval Warm Period had been officially erased by the criminals known as “climate scientists.”


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17 Responses to Ministry Of Truth – Erasing The Medieval Warm Period.

  1. The Watcher says:

    For my education, what were the temperature points indicated for the graph?

  2. TA says:

    Hansen and Karl were for the Medieval Warm Period before they were against it.

    Their previous work puts the lie to their current work. So fitting.

    Good work, Tony.

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    The Medieval Warm Period has been known about for over 80 years.

    The “80 years” is in reference to the New York Times, January 22, 1934.

    I wonder when the first acknowledgment of the MWP might have been, say in the Norse or Icelandic Sagas, or materials from the High Middle Ages?

  4. Mark Fife says:

    Amazing how articles by the Smithsonian support so much of this. Recounting the search to verify the sagas of the Vikings. It makes for fascinating reading. Odd how they described the North Atlantic climate as balmy, then describe the devastating affects of the return to colder weather. Iceland had grown to hold an estimated 150,000 people but when the climate turned cold they died off, down to around 50,000.

    The good times marked by population increases, wealth, and exploration and regular travel in places above the arctic circle came with warm weather. Cold brought death, abandoned settlements, and a closing of travel routes.

    The obvious take aways here are the artic has warmed up considerably before, it didn’t flood the freaking world, and it was a time of relative plenty for those who lived nearby.

    But I guess there is no big money for people like Al the Goracle to be made in saying things might actually be getting better as opposed to worse.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    Quite a list of scalps now Tony.
    Global temp’ data adjusted via multiple platforms, data-sets and organisations.
    Mediaeval warm period vanished.
    Sea level rise rates adjusted (when changed to satellites)
    Karl’s ocean heat content ‘pause-buster’ paper itself busted.
    The pause.
    Arctic sea ice fraud.
    NOAA, NASA/GISS, HadCrut all named.
    Schmidt, Hansen and Jones all given the appropriate ‘credit’.

    Have I missed anything else? ‘They’ must be getting rather worried because when this little lot gets stitched together it creates an undeniable trail of anti-AGW evidence AND a trail of multiple blatant data-evidence fiddles that’s 100 times more compelling than the fake ‘climate change’ catastrophe theory itself. Not least because the money and status on offer for these ‘experts’ ‘could’ render them liable to RICO or embezzlement or pecuniary gain or whatever other charge could be nailed onto them. If I were a crack climate scientist I’d be taking legal advice right now, because in life ‘the end’ often comes so much faster than is expected. Dib dib dib, boys n girls. Time to get prepared.

    • Steve Case says:

      CheshireRed – at 6:52 pm

      Sea level rise rates adjusted (when changed to satellites)

      The satellite data itself is regularly changed nearly every time they publish a new release. They’ve dinked around with it enough that when the next new release finally comes out I expect them to find acceleration and crow about it. When that happens, it will probably be manufactured and to quote our host, “Fake”.

    • griff says:

      There is no ‘arctic sea ice fraud’

      It is verifiably diminishing in extent and volume… its annual lows are lower than at the lowest point in the 20th century and have been since 2007.

      • AndyG55 says:

        But the levels are WAY higher than more than 90-95% of the current interglacial.

        It is FRAUD of you to ignore this FACT, griff.

        It marks you as a petulant LIAR, and CON-MAN.

        A baseless nil-knowledge TROLL.

        And it is highly debatable if they are lower than the 1940s, 1950s.

        DOE shows the extent in the central basin as dropping from 7 million to 6 million km² then climbing back up again. Current levels in the last 10 years in the central basin have been sitting close to 6.5 million km²

        We know that the late 1970’s was a period of EXTREME Arctic sea ice , up there with the extremes of the LIA.

        The problem is NOT with the Arctic sea ice.

        Its with YOUR IGNORANCE.

      • gator69 says:

        There is no ‘arctic sea ice fraud’

        No? Then I guess it’s just Arctic sea ice genocide.

        Why do you hate poor brown people Ms Griff?

  6. GoFigure says:

    What about the recent exposure by receding glaciers of shattered forests, still in their original position and dated 1,000 years old in Alaska’s Mendenhall glacier, and a similar 4,000 years old forest in the Alps. No trees have grown at those latitudes anywhere near those sites since then. That would seem to be even better than a peer-reviewed study.

    And what about the 6,000 borehole data? Jo Nova’s website has an interesting take on that. The MWP trend appears to be global from the borehole data.

  7. Paul Stevens says:

    Tree stumps found under receding glaciers should be the stake through the heart of CAGW. We are supposed to be well into “never happened before” temperature ranges and receding glaciers keep exposing forests that obviously didn’t grow up right at the glacier base at some time in the past. That suggests hundreds of years of warmer weather, with the glaciers at some distance away.

  8. S says:

    When you find yourself changing the facts/data to match your hypothesis, you know you’re NOT a scientist. If you decide to go ahead and publish anyway, everyone will know you’re NOT a scientist.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey S! Of course you are correct…

      One of the things I have noticed is this: my friends who are believers in CAGW have one thing in common. They are unable to believe that scientists would lie about the data and the facts. They can believe that politicians will lie. They can believe that priests will lie. They can even believe that their parents lied to them — but scientists? No! A scientist would never lie! The CAGW believers will tell you that they believe in science, but they don’t, not really. Instead of believing in science, what they actually believe in is scientists.

  9. Don B says:

    “As Greenland began to grow more isolated, the climate started to deteriorate. Starting in the mid fourteenth century, global temperatures began to cool, further reducing the island’s arable land. The glaciers advanced, and the Inuit crossed over from what is today northern Canada and began to push south.

    “The last years of Greenland’s Viking colonies were not pleasant. A cluster of skeletons exhumed from the Western Settlement reveals a picture of a dying civilization. Half of those who survived to eighteen died before age thirty, and the average height of both men and women is less than five feet.”

    The Sea Wolves, a history of the Vikings, Lars Brownworth, page 167

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