Bastille Day Used To Be An Incredibly Hot Day In The US

July 14th used to be a very hot day in the US, but July 14th temperatures have plummeted over the past century.

On July 14, 1954, one hundred degree temperatures stretched coast to coast. Missouri was 118 degrees and Illinois was 117 degrees. It was the hottest day on record in those states.

July 14, 1936 was the hottest day on record in Indiana, at 116 degrees.

Temperatures around Chicago were over 110 degrees.

July 14, 1934 was also a very hot day.

The July 14, 1954 heatwave brought 121 degree weather to Kansas and 115 degree weather to St. Louis.

15 Jul 1954, Page 1 – The News-Palladium 

14 Jul 1954, Page 1 – The Baytown Sun

The July 14, 1936 heat wave killed 1,600 people with temperatures over 110 degrees in Michigan.

14 Jul 1936, 1 – The Times Recorder

Temperatures that hot are incomprehensible now. Climate alarmists get hysterical and demand immediate world communism when Arizona gets in that range.

Last year was supposed to be the hottest year ever, and  Bastille Day temperatures were 10-20 degrees cooler than 1954 or 1936.

The reason people believe it is getting hotter is because NOAA tampers with data, and climate scientists are more than happy to play along with this massive multi-billion dollar fraud. But we are storming the gates of this corrupt climate regime.

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