Coolest August On Record In Nebraska

The frequency of hot August days in Nebraska has plummeted over the past century. During August, 1937 Nebraska stations averaged 25 days over 90 degrees. This year they averaged only one day over 90F.

The warmest temperature recorded at Ashland, Nebraska in August was 86 degrees. It was only the third year since 1895 which Ashland didn’t make it to 90 degrees during August. In 1913 and 1947 Ashland had 27 days over 90 degrees.

Every single day in August, 1913 was as warm or warmer than this year, with the hottest temperatures 21 degrees warmer than this year. Maximum temperatures averaged 18F cooler than 1913.

According to completely fake NASA temperature data, 1913 was one of the coolest years on record. California reached 134 degrees that summer – the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

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9 Responses to Coolest August On Record In Nebraska

  1. RAH says:

    Looking like it might be another record year for corn and soybeans. What was stunted or destroyed in the corn belt by heavy spring rains will be made up for by an excellent year in the south. When in southern NJ near Bridgton I noticed some fields of excellent looking field corn. Parts of Africa are also having record corn yields. Nope world famine on the horizon.

  2. frederik wisse says:

    Who is responsible for NASA temperature data ? Is it protected by a FOIA-blocking ?
    Like you always are stipulating Tony there must be old NOAA publications contradicting their manipulated data or did they progress into a lunatic state after putting a few men on the moon ? Thank you Tony for all the effort of putting our feet on the ground .

  3. RAH says:

    “Who is responsible for NASA temperature data ?”
    NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS).
    Currently run by this guy:
    Who is one of the founders of the alarmist climate blog “RealClimate” and who replaced even wackier James Hanson.

    “Is it protected by a FOIA-blocking ?”
    No. In fact a guy named Steve MacIntyre working with others scouring the sources and methods has more than once found gross errors in the way GISS compiles and reports temperature data resulting in strong warming bias and forced them to change them.

    This however does not mean that Federal Agencies will comply with the law even when
    subpoenaed by Congress.

  4. RAH says:

    Morning twilight looking out my back yard here 30 mi NNE of Indianapolis this morning (8/31/2017).

  5. RAH says:

    Totally off topic but in the news.

    The bomb in question is one of several sizes of block buster light case blast bombs that ranged in size up to 4 tons each the RAF used. They were called “cookies”.
    Many people don’t know that in addition to the heavy bombers the “wooden wonder” de Havilland Mosquito was made in special bombing versions with enlarged bomb bays to carry these bombs. They were a part of the Night Light Bombing force and they could go all the way to Berlin. They worked in conjunction with the heavy bombers by bombing the German cities during the times that the heavies weren’t there to deny the Luftwaffe defenses or civil emergency response forces, time to rest and recover. The fast Night Light Bombers also often could reach the targets when the heavy bombers like the Lancaster were weathered out or did not fly due to clear night skies with a full moon which favored the defenders. Below is a picture of one of these “pregnant” Mossies being loaded with one of these bombs.

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