Plummeting August 31 Temperatures In The US

On this date in 1953. almost the entire Eastern US was over 90 degrees, and much of the Northeastern US was over 100 degrees. New York City was 100 degrees.

August 31 temperatures have plummeted over the past century.

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6 Responses to Plummeting August 31 Temperatures In The US

  1. RAH says:

    We’ve got windows open this morning enjoying the 60 deg. F temp and airing out the house.

  2. RAH says:

    High here today forecast to be 77 deg. F. In 1953 it was above 90 deg. F. But I wasn’t around to experience that because it was two years before I was born.

  3. RAH says:

    BTW if the guys at Weatherbell are correct Irma will become a major hurricane and come ashore on the US mainland. Sniped this from todays daily update video.

    This is of course a very long range projection and could very well be wrong. But Joe and the guys at Weatherbell nailed where Harvey and Sandy went days before it happened.

  4. RAH says:

    Joe Bastardi just unloads on Michael Mann for claiming that climate change made Harvey worse and claiming that meteorological conditions that caused the storm to loop and stall were exactly opposite of what they were.

    I love this:
    “Michael Mann’s claims that Harvey was caused by global warming are destroyed by an operational meteorologist”

    • arn says:

      I’d really like to know Mann would prove and quantify how ‘climate change’ made Harvey worse((maybe by watching the movie “my friend harvey”)
      I’m pretty sure he is able to show us in a scientific how strong Harvey was supposed to be without climate change
      and then tell us why there have been so few hurricanes in the past years.Seems global warming just forgot to produce some hurricanes.

      The simple truth is:
      These guys are so rotten to the core:They are really celebrating
      Harvey after the long absence of hurricanes and are cheering the more damage it does so that they can unleash their rhetorical crap on people and pretend “i predicted it”.

  5. Andy DC says:

    The period 1953 through 1955 produced 7 landfalling hurricanes from the Carolinas to New England. Two of them were major.

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