Why President Trump Needs Communications People

Sheriff Clarke points out the obvious – the left will be hoping for maximum death and destruction in Texas, so that they can blame Trump.

Of course this is true, because leftists are complete scumbags. But it is an easy problem to avoid. Trump should tweet about the history of deadly Texas hurricanes – as a warning for people to take the storm seriously. That would take a few seconds and kill two birds with one stone.

Every attack against the president has been quite predictable. He needs top communications/strategy people to head them off.

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49 Responses to Why President Trump Needs Communications People

  1. RAH says:

    Hell, it’s tough for even the best communications experts to anticipate all the different fake news stories that are written to smear this duly elected POTUS. They continue to fabricate “stories” from whole cloth it seems. I’m shocked I haven’t a critical critique of his choice of toilet paper! They already have gone after the guy more than once because he occasionally likes to eat food from McDonalds and likes deserts!

  2. hjs says:

    The alzheimer patient doesn’t listen to any good advice and babbles on about it’s other peoples mistake and #fakemedia :)

  3. frederik wisse says:

    Follow the money of all these paid protesters and thugs . Bottom-line : Is old/new government filling the mobs wallets ? Here is more cheating going on than meets the eye . Donald the swamp is yours !

  4. Andy says:

    The staff at the White House seem to be better co-ordinated now since the arrival of the new Chief of Staff got in there, however Trump needs to stop doing the tweeting and also going off topic, which just gives people who want him to fail ammunition.

    I say that as a person from the UK who just wants the US to do well, because when the US runs well, like an oiled machine, it benefits the world.

    Although a republican house and senate and supposedly a republican POTUS ( is he really? He seems more independent ??? ) the US is still not running smoothly together .

    Perhaps it will settle down once everyone gets used to this new way of working?


    • cdquarles says:

      Hell no. Trump should never stop tweeting. It is important in so many ways.

      One thing Americans of the traditional mold do want is for government to mostly not work; courts, cops and armies excepted. When government works too well, our liberties are at risk.

      • Leonard Lane says:

        cd, I tend to agree. President Trump’s messages tend to dominate the news cycles. Of course, they are anti-Trump, but then they would be anyway regardless of who was leading the discussions.
        Secondly, these personal messages from President Trump allow him to speak to his base supporters directly.

    • cdquarles says:

      Oh, one other thing. Unlike the nearly pure far left Democrat party, the Republican party is not a unified thing. The Republican party is dominated by locals. The ‘establishment’ types in it are just as leftist as the Ds are. They just think they’d do a better job ruling. The R establishment types are the TR (cousin of Franklin) types. They don’t believe in the premises articulated by the people who founded this nation. Much of the R locals do, particularly those not in the coastal big-city elites.

  5. Douglas Hoyt says:

    The so-called news of today is nearly all political commentary and opinion. Not much who, what, where anymore.

    I sometimes think if Trump would say the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, reporters would scream that this is most awful and shocking statement said by anyone in the history of mankind.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Sure, Trump would be guilty of something if it was cloudy.
      I am glad I decreased my satellite TV and no longer have CNN.
      After his speech in Phoenix, CNN was lamenting that Trump was not praising the neo-Nazi group. They still have not got over the fact that Trump won the election. (I was in a hotel on a trip). Then I changed channels.

    • arn says:

      There are two really unexplainable phenomenons considering Trump:

      Obama got dozens of huge scandals and dropped more than 120.000 bombs in the orient,and contaminated entire regions with uranium ammunittion for
      but he didn’t got 1% of hate from the press than Trump pissing at a tent.

      The other interessting thing:
      Trump was a celebrity for 4 decades and noone ever considered him even a right winger,but all of a sudden(as soon as he became a threat to Hitlary) all of them declared him the new Hitler within a day.
      Well,one of the many Hitlers,as any statesman is a Hitler who does not do what Wall Street wants.

      One may think that the entire media is under complete controle and centrally organised as this is the only possible way to explain this phenomenons.
      And obviously you white guys does not run your white countries as this is the only explanation for selfhate while extreme buttkissing is the rule for all other groups in your countries.

  6. Frank K. says:

    Laughably, I’m starting to sense now that the alt-left MSM has finally jumped the shark and is beginning to devour itself. Evidence:

    “Bill Nye Hits DISNEY With $28M Fraud Suit Over ‘SCIENCE GUY’ Profits…”


    Yes, this is THE Disney which owns ESPN, the sports network which decided that people with the last name “Lee” cannot be sports broadcasters because someone on the internet might be mean to them. (No word on when Wilson “Pickett” songs will be removed from Disney playlists…)

  7. CheshireRed says:

    Good comment, this. In a digital and online Twitter / Facebook age short, sharp one-liners are crucial. Trump is good at engaging his voters but sometimes good isn’t quite enough when crafty, well-planned or long-term plays are also required. See how successful the ‘97% of climate scientists agree: climate change is real, man made and dangerous’ for proof.

    In the UK prime minister Theresa May has exactly the same problem; failure (or insufficient skills) to communicate.

  8. CheshireRed says:

    If Trump really does want to take action against ‘climate change’ policy then he’ll need to provide evidence to swing more public opinion behind his proposals. That’ll need factual briefings to soften up the public and weaken opposition, which will come in spades.

    Obviously Tony you’ve been brilliant at providing evidence-based posts on here that relentlessly destroy the case against climate action, so you’ve already got everything Trump needs for a drip-drip online long-term assault on climate lies, leading to the type of policy changes he appears to favour. Stick to facts not opinion, so they cannot be easily countered. Get your job application fired off immediately!

  9. Garyh845 says:

    Hey Tony – here’s a chartable bit of data for you.

    Harvey Would Be 64th Hurricane to Hit Texas Since 1851, Here: https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/susan-jones/harvey-will-be-64th-hurricane-hit-texas-1851

    Lists the years between major hurricanes making landfall in TX. Don’t see much, at a glance.

    September 2005, Rita (Category 3)
    …six year gap…

    August 1999, Bret (Category 3)
    …16 year gap…

    August 1983, Alicia (Category 3)
    …3-year gap…

    August 1980, Allen (Category 3)
    …10-year gap…

    August 1970, Celia (Category 3)
    …3-year gap…

    Sept. 1967, Beulah (Category 3)
    …10-year gap…

    June 1957, Audrey (Category 4)
    …15-year gap…

    August 1942, Category 3 (storms not named)
    …1-year gap…

    September 1941 (Category 3)
    …8-year gap…

    September 1933 (Category 3)
    …1-year gap…

    August 1932 (Category 4)
    …13-year gap…

    September 1919 (Category 4)
    …3-year gap…

    August 1916 (Category 3)
    …1-year gap…

    August 1915 (Category 4)
    …6-year gap…

    July 1909 (Category 3)
    …9-year gap…

    September 1900 (Category 4)
    …4-year gap…

    August 1886 (Category 4)
    …6-year gap…

    August 1880 (Category 3)
    …5-year gap…

    September 1875 (Category 3)

  10. Kris Johanson says:

    Watch the Phoenix rally, including the speakers leading up to Trump. (right side broadcasting) This is the biggest change in power/priorities in my lifetime, even including Reagan. He goes right into Phoenix and calls out 2 Arizona RINO senators. I have never seen anything like this. You have to listen carefully to what he says. Almost nothing is reported correctly

    • Kris Johanson says:

      …any Repo senator that thinks they can speak out both sides of mouth, does so at their own peril. This guy has television-communication-people skills like I have never seen. Okay, okay, rant over….

  11. kyle_fouro says:

    What do you think of zeke’s sensor change justification for the post 1990 adjustments?

  12. arn says:

    Sadly there is so much truth in this comment.

    Many lefties are really so insane to hope for maximum dead people and maximum destruction((they’ve been indoctrinated to this hegelian dialectics by their masters))
    so that they have the reason
    to start their chorus of pseudo-anger.
    They already know what to shout and how emberassed they’ll be when it happens,they now just hope that the hurricane won’t become a party breakee by losing to much power before hitting texas.

    If you do not believe me:
    Watch their reactions after Breyviks terror attack.
    (one of the main reasons i fell into total contempt with them)
    There have been thousands of terror attacks before breyvik with tens of thousands of victims.
    They never said a word.En contraire-they tried to silence everyone who dared to criticize,they never ran out of cheap excuses and called you a nazi
    when you dared to point at Hitlers most beloved Religion-
    but then this single attack happened and all hell broke lose-and i asked myself.Where have you good doers been during all the previous attacks.
    You had 1000 times a chance,not a word.
    But a of a sudden you are upset?!

    They have been just waiting for such a thing to happen to get rid of their frustrations to finally have an arguement.

    A similar scenario happened with Trump:
    One scandals after another by Obama.One war after another.
    Investing trillions in atomic weapons etc etc
    He gave them shit to eat whenever he could,and they said:”Yummi,chocolate.
    He blessed us.”
    As soon as Trump was voted all hell broke lose because they needed someone to get rid of their frustration.

  13. TA says:

    As Kris said above, if you want to know what Trump thinks, you need to listen to him directly because the MSM is going to distort everything he says.

    Trump is rough around the edges, but he is his own best communicator. He does give the MSM and the Left enough ambiguity with what he says for them to twist his words, but if you listen to him, everything he says is true, at least from his point of view.

    For fighting back against the MSM, we couldn’t do better than Trump.

  14. RAH says:

    Sooner or later as Tony keeps plugging away some of the best evidence he has produced will get the notice they deserve and be a significant part of the spike that is driven into the heart of the AGW scam beast.

  15. Marc says:

    They’ve gone full retard and here is the proof!

    Watch, they will plunge us into a new ice age…. morons.

  16. Klondike Bob says:

    Personally, the saddest aspect of all this (Trump, media ridiculousness, calls for a staff psychiatrist to monitor Trump in the White House…and the worst, CNN) is that I’ve personally lost and had relationships and friendships damaged by recently converted Liberal anti-Trump tongue waggers and finger pointers

    Waaay before the election I had two close friends repeat the mantra : “Trump is a Nazi, Trump is a Nazi” over and over at a quiet dinner gathering…after failing to convince them that Trump is likely NOT a Nazi, I quickly excused myself and escaped out the back door…they chased me down and gave me a group hug, as if I had re-joined the Church of Reverend Moon…how pathetic and embarrassing…these days I just refrain from Trump or related news talk

    The one big thing I noticed during this week’s ECLIPSE COVERAGE was the complete lack of Trump coverage during the 3-hour multiple network news programming…it was akin to Shangrila…no babbling, insane Trump nay-sayers or twisted Trump haters spewing out innuendo and backwards political reporters…no demonic Anderson Cooper leading an 8-person babbling panel on why Trump has suspicious hair (and his barber should be impeached)

  17. RAH says:

    Well I’m not going to Texas for the first part of next week.
    We had plans for tomorrow. The ex-fiancé has one of her fantastic “Refrigerator cakes” in the oven. Lemon cake with lime jello in it and a light lemon icing that is to die for on it and sit in the fridge all night. I was going to do BBQ western style boneless western style beef ribs on the grill with hickory smoke tomorrow afternoon because we had company coming.

    Not going to happen. I have to pick up in Findlay, OH and take another load of cans or lids from there to Baltimore, MD. Load delivers Sunday night at 10:00 PM. So I’ll pick up about 10 PM Saturday and drive down and take a 10 hour break before delivery. That’ll be an extra $255.00 on my check for the weeks work but it’s one of the times would have preferred the home time over the money. Summer is getting short.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      I used to eat like that until I looked at the scale one day and it shocked the heck out of me. Now I eat white chicken meat and bananas and pickles and tuna fish and NO pie & ice cream which was my absolute favorite, and I sit and WATCH as my kids eat their birthday cake, so I’m jealous yes

      • RAH says:

        I’m 6′ and my weight for the last five years had bounced between 215 and 220 lb. I put on weight in the winter over the holidays and lose it during the summer when I’m more active. My pants waist size now is actually two sizes down from what it was five years ago. My fighting weight when in the Army was 185 but back then I was down at less than 3% body fat and got down to 1% for a time. Now I’m sure my body fat percentage is up much more than that it was but I generally eat only twice a day and most meals aren’t big ones. Today a couple of bananas with peanut butter for breakfast an pizza for dinner today. Yesterday a I only ate a 6″ subway club sandwich. I take a multivitamin every day as I have for years.

        I would probably lose some weight if I laid off the Jack & cokes I enjoy during my time off the road.

        • Garyh845 says:

          Drink the Jack without the Coke.

        • Kris Johanson says:

          Yeah I was up to 235 without realizing it and I have high cholesterol, and I can’t tolerate statins. So now I’m at 220, but absolutely no desserts. Either I stay at or below 220-ish or die early, basically. Yes, banana & peanut butter sandwich is a good way to go, but don’t put Nutella on it also

          • RAH says:

            It’s hard for a truck driver on the road to eat healthy. Too easy to eat too much fast food. And every truck stop is stocked with large candy bars at 2 for $3.50. That is my weakness. I love chocolate. Always have. But now days it’s getting better. Most larger truck stops offer fresh fruit and cut melon, and salads also. One just has to be careful to check out the dates.

  18. Nomoregore says:

    So, they’re now hyping Harvey as a CAT 4. They revealed on the weather channel this is because an aircraft measured some wind speed at 147…. and after much CALCULATION, they determined this WOULD BE 130 at ground level…..except that it isn’t. Notice, CAT3 ends at 129….. imagine that!

    SUSTAINED winds (reported on the weather channel so far) are NOT exceeding CAT1 yet. The highest GUST reported was 103, with 80 or so sustained.

    This is looking to be RABIDLY overhyped once again.

    • RAH says:

      Yea, NOAA NHC has been getting bad about over hyping. Two of the storms this year got names that wouldn’t have a few years ago. And they called Hermine a hurricane with sustained winds of 80 mph when it came ashore in Florida in Sept 2016 but I never saw a single land station in the path of the storm record 1 minute of 75 mph winds in real time as it happened.

  19. dp says:

    I really like the realclearpolitics.com site. I think of it as realclearpasta because this is a meme farm where they throw things on their wall to see what sticks. Every meme that has cropped up first came to light on realclearpasta and every one of them has failed to stick. The confederate statue thing is already fading fast. A meme that makes the first round goes on to the Drudge Report when it becomes part of the MSM news cycle which is, of course, meme death. The current meme is Trump is mentally unfit. Nobody who has consistently outsmarted both parties and all the political flaks embedded in them is a mental midget. But he really does need to start draining that swamp.

    • RAH says:

      I have had RCP in my links for years. But they, like about everyone else, blew it on this last election. The fact is the bias in the poll consolidation is one of selection. There are so many polls an RCP can come up with the average they want the same way NOAA can get the temperatures they want many times but just selecting the data they will use and throwing out the rest.

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