New Video : “Fifty Years Of Ridiculous Predictions By Climate Experts”

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8 Responses to New Video : “Fifty Years Of Ridiculous Predictions By Climate Experts”

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Great stuff yet again Tony! Too bad for “the experts ” that there is the Internet and (gulp!) nasty printed records that most inconveniently show up all these fraudulent claims, and the charlatans who have made the alarmist claims in order to massage their egos, increase their funding, and persuade lots of lemmings to rush over a proverbial cliff! And it’s a funny thing, but it seems to me that most the alarmist reporting seems still to be coming from the same media sources now …..

    This post is a sure demonstration that the proverbial swamp is well overdue for draining!

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for another great video Tony !

  3. Squidly says:

    Great video again Tony! … I am so thankful that you are creating these. I share them as far and wide as I can. Keep it up man!

  4. jackson says:

    Excellent presentation.
    These short history lessons help put things into context-
    same as it ever was.

    Dr. Duane Thresher might be the insider that helps shine a light on what is going on.
    I hope so.

  5. arn says:

    That kind of presentation is needed-beating the cult with its own weapons.
    This is far more impressive for common people as there is nothing to understand and therefore nothing a silver tongue could twist&turn or roll over you with abstract formula and scientific talk.

    It is just:
    Talk of the prostitute of the 70ies
    Talk of(in many cases)the very same prostitute of 2017.

    btw-what most people do not realise is the message between the line in this video,as it indicates that already in the 70ies huge parts of MSM & ‘scientists’
    had already been corrupted or held in line
    with groupthink to indoctrinate people systematically with fear and ice age crap.

    the guy in the beginning(Paul Ehrlich) is the same
    guy who co-authored with Obamas science tzar Holdren in 1977
    the book ecoscience
    which is about reducing world population to 2 billion people
    (and this number was obviously reduced by another 75% one year later-
    the georgia guidestones had been commissioned where number is >500 million.
    And those guidestone cost almost(inflation adjusted) 1 million dollars=
    no poor person nor an average millionaire with just for fun attitude
    would have been willing to pay such a price to put up some stones in the middle of nowhere-

    and i’m pretty sure the commissioners of the guidestones are the very same guys who created global cooling and replaced it later with global warming to have a reason to centralize power with a global tax so that the guidestones guideline could be implementet in the real world.

  6. Dave B says:

    Great stuff Tony,
    20 years ago, I’ve called it “Confirmation Bias”.
    But after 20 year of “settled science”, failed predictions, and every week a new climate catastrophe that never seems to materialize:
    I really appreciate your “In their face” Brooklyn style calling it “Fake, Criminal,
    Remember science fans, the LEFT perpetrated this DECEPTION on you (and me).
    Dave B

  7. Klaus B. says:

    Great stuff! I just love your presentations, Tony! Everyone here in Denmark should see this. There is no debate whatsoever about this in my country. Thank you so much for your great work!

  8. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Great video, Tony — just the sort of thing I was hoping for!

    Just one quibble: at about 4:48, you’re showing side-by-side clippings from the Chicago Tribune, and then say that “they also said that the new Ice Age was going to drown the coasts — the same thing they say now about global warming.” An alarmist looking for anything to object to in the video, could hone in on the clipping to the right and point out that it’s from 12 years later and is describing the effects of the “greenhouse” effect (newly trending alarmist fashion) and not of any cooling. Maybe I misunderstood, or maybe the text was too fuzzy on my screen, or maybe cooling is blamed for sea-level rise on a following (not shown) page, but this particular alarmist self-contradiction doesn’t seem to be so.

    Everything else in the video holds up well, of course, and shows what a bunch of Chicken Littles these so-called “experts” really are. It’s alarmism looking for an excuse, any excuse, to exist.

    I’d suggest you edit the video to take out the clipping on the right and remove the comment about blaming rising seas on an approaching ice age. It’s best to make the case as tight as can be.

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