Pathetic Hit Piece In Salon

Fake news at its worst. The author made no attempt to contact me, made up fake quotes and projected his own disappointment about the lack of death and destruction.

Here’s where Steve Goddard — real name, Tony Heller — comes in. Goddard is a world-renowned climate skeptic, and unleashed a flood of untruths. Here are the highlights

Disclaimer : After reading this article, your IQ will be about three points lower.

A climate skeptic gets facts about Hurricane Irma oh-so-wrong –

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61 Responses to Pathetic Hit Piece In Salon

  1. Psalmon says:

    Hang in there Tony. If what you did, didn’t matter, they wouldn’t be attacking you.

    • Phil Jones says:

      This young indoctrinated dølt can’t even understand mockery.. Or did understand it and like a little liar misrepresented Heller’s funny comments..

      No research, no calls, no quotes, NO Journalism!!

      • Robert B says:

        Climate scientists have predicted hurricane winds 2-11% stronger by 2100 with little understanding of change in frequency (some even suggesting that the drought of hurricanes making landfall in the US being due to global warming.) Others have stated that with the warming so far, winds could be 1-2 mph faster.
        Linking this to climate/change or global warming would not be scientific even if it were much more extreme than has occurred previously. Nobody is doing anything wrong in pointing out that Irma was not unprecedented even following Harvey. The same thing happened in 1915 except that with less available data, one was described as a strong Cat 3 at landfall even though the wind damage to the US was greater than either Harvey or Irma. No satellites or planes to know if either were Cat 5 while still off shore.
        Anyone linking these hurricanes to warming (with Irma forming in waters 2 C warmer than usual) is a dlt.

  2. Timo Soren says:

    woot woot, I truly feel like taking a leave of absence and planning an education assualt on universities about this via mathematical seminars. tony motivated.

  3. Anon says:

    These guys never address the valid scientific issues Tony raises, but will pick apart anything else so as to discredit him enough so that the conversation never gets around to the science. Sad.

  4. R. Shearer says:

    I saw the aftermath of Andrew and it would have taken all off those buildings in the Salon picture.

    • TimA says:

      The photo is taken at ground level of a flooded street for max impact, however, none of the mobile homes are flooded in the picture. This is the best they can conjure up. Sad for them there wasn’t massive damage for them to crow about.
      Pathetic losers.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      I live in a manufacture home in Arizona, I wonder how they are even allowed in Florida. Our awning down here would not hold up to a normal windy day in North Dakota. As to the house hold up to a sustain 100 MPH wind for get that. The 2 by six wall are covered by a 1 by 2 roof, how that going to stand up to a hurricane.

  5. Texas Sharp-shooter says:

    OK. You point out, fairly I think, that Irmpocalypse and Gatornado were not all that and what this ass-hat takes from it was that you’re rooting for more casualties?

    Send him some bird pictures; they are so wonderfully earnest. (Just so you know, I mean that as a high complement. I’ve liked it since I heard somebody say about Coltrane, “I don’t know what you say about him, he’s so… I don’t know… earnest.”)

    Ask the ass-hat if he rides his bike to work. Well, only mention it if you still do like you used to. At the very least he should appreciate your ingenuity and hard work fabricating all those newspaper articles. The effort you must deploy just researching the fonts they used back in the day, let alone the writing style, the detail; displays a deplorability of archetypal dimensions. Kudos.

  6. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    Media outlet owners want profit.
    Publishers sell advertising and party propaganda.
    Editors solicit stories so that publishers can sell advertising.
    Reporters make up stories so that editors will pay them.
    Journalism, integrity, truth don’t have a part in any of it, unless it they are the commitment of all of those people, from the top down. Those qualities aren’t an obligation, we are supposed to assume they exist without question.
    _Salon_ is a tabloid, perhaps slightly more highly rated on a truth scale than _The National Enquirer_.
    From Wikipedia:
    Responding to the question, “How far do you go with the tabloid sensibility to get readers?”, former editor-in-chief David Talbot said:

    “Is Salon more tabloid-like? Yeah, we’ve made no secret of that. I’ve said all along that our formula here is that we’re a smart tabloid. If by tabloid what you mean is you’re trying to reach a popular audience, trying to write topics that are viscerally important to a readership, whether it’s the story about the mother in Houston who drowned her five children or the story on the missing intern in Washington, Chandra Levy. ”

  7. JPinBalt says:

    What an idiot. What “unleashed a flood of untruths” is Jeremy Binckes referring to? That sounds Biblical like Noah’s Ark or the parting of the Red Sea (AGW from the chariots?). I do not see any “flood” in re Irma and anything Tony said. Salon’s editors are also idiots to allow such a poorly written piece of libel get published.

    Jeremy might be better off writing an article on the hype and constant stream of untruths in the MSM about all the apocalyptic disasters which never come true (but that would take thousands of issues). How about a real article about fraudsters Al Gore or James Hansen and the never ending flood of lies about floods among other things? Does not matter, unlikely I will ever look at Salon again unless I run out of TP in the next blizzard, and likely a blizzard ridiculously attributed to global warming, some hype Salon would publish.

    • JPinBalt says:

      Correction, not “would publish” at end, but “has published.” by Matthew Rozsa citing documented fraudsters Mann and Hanson, no Holdren.

      I will look for back issues of Salon at the trash dump as emergency bathroom supplies to prepare for the next bitter cold polar vortex caused by global warming, otherwise use in woodstove to heat the house along with Al Gore’s Inconvienient Truth/Lie in print I found at a thrift store. Need to be prepared for the next repeat climate media hype.

  8. Klaus B. says:

    I like your articles and presentations very much, Tony Heller. I myself was also an alarmist once, but not anymore!! Now I hope you will be the next leader of NASA Giss! Thank you so much for all your good work.

  9. Eha says:

    why is it so, that many rain-floods leave more damage and higher water levels, then that Irma on the pic?
    just wondering….

  10. Mark Tinsley says:

    “it’s clearly visible that there was a lot of wind, a lot of rain and a lot of water”

    The author imagines this retrospectively justifies “apocalyptic”, “will devastate USA” and “most dangerous storm ever” headlines.

    “In the 240 years since the United States declared independence, a lot has changed. For example, we as a country have gotten good at building houses that are stronger than plywood and straw”

    Thanks to hydrocarbons, which make the cement, concrete and steel for those sturdy buildings.

    “Forecasting has also improved greatly. Tens of thousands of people evacuated the state, fleeing potentially deadly regions”

    Again, thanks to hydrocarbons which created the free time away from the farm for science, provide the power getting the satellites into orbit, and fuel the helicopters and rescue boats.

    “we’re able to tell the difference between a thunderstorm and a hurricane. That didn’t happen in the great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935”

    Was that one also caused by humans and CO2? Did anyone demand President FDR apologise?

    • arn says:

      “it is clearly visible that there was a lot of wind,a lot of rain and a lot of water”

      well,that’s what you get with every hurricane
      no matter how big or how small.

      Someone should tell this supersmart guy that such things appear on a regular basis and have never been called “end of the world”- at least until co2 went mad.

  11. Gail Combs says:

    Notice the words “world renowned”

    That is put in so Tony can not easily SUE THE CRAP out of Salon.

    A private citizen has more ‘rights’ in a lawsuit than a public figure does.

    Digital Media Law Project: Proving Fault: Actual Malice and Negligence

    Unlike other countries that hold a publisher liable for every defamatory statement regardless of what steps he or she took prior to publication, under U.S. law a plaintiff must prove that the defendant was at fault when she published the defamatory statement. In other words, the plaintiff must prove that the publisher failed to do something she was required to do. Depending on the circumstances, the plaintiff will either need to prove that the defendant acted negligently, if the plaintiff is a private figure, or with actual malice, if the plaintiff is a public figure or official.

    Celebrities, politicians, high-ranking or powerful government officials, and others with power in society are generally considered public figures/officials and are required to prove actual malice. Unlike these well-known and powerful individuals, your shy neighbor is likely to be a private figure who is only required to prove negligence if you publish something defamatory about her. Determining who is a public or private figure is not always easy. In some instances, the categories may overlap. For example, a blogger who is a well-known authority on clinical research involving autism may be considered a public figure for purposes of controversies involving autism, but not for other purposes.

    We discuss both of these standards and when they apply in this section….

    As far as I am concerned this goes well beyond pathetic to truly nasty MALICE.

  12. Lasse says:

    From distance it is easy to see how media was concerned and overreacted.
    And the path was really favourable.
    Luck or nature?

    • Gail Combs says:


      Irma lost a lot of energy when she hit the islands like Cuba. Taking the numbers reported as real, she went from Cat 5 (before Cuba) down to Cat 3 just before she hit Florida and then rapidly went to Cat 2 as soon as she hit shore and continued to lose energy rapidly getting down graded to tropical storm.

      If she has stayed on the water and then hit Florida on the east coast it would have been a lot worse.

      • David A says:

        Gail, sometime watch a good satellite only, (no radar) as Irma approaches. The eye was strongly collapsing even before she got to the shore. As it goes into Naples it simple disintegrates in an outward propagating last gasp. (Like putting a stopper on a draining sink and the center vortex collapse outward, affecting further from the drain last)

        BTW, Rud, whos comments I very much generally appreciate received my reply here…

        • jokin says:

          Yep. In point of fact, after carefully watching the satellite images myself, Irma’s eye had begun to wobble and drift before grazing the Cuban outer islands. And the barometric pressure rose continuously during that time frame, all the while as the wind speed steadily diminished, from High Cat 5, barely Cat 5, and then high Cat 4 as it neared Cuba.

    • arn says:

      Well-they’ve been also concerned last year with the mega hurricane and
      ((mean people may say :It’s just part of an indoctrination campaign
      to make people comply to agendas like wars,co2 tax etc,
      and is just the MSM version of the usual shock&awe tactic.+ the hurricane drought made them starving for hurricanes and every single one is therefore declared a superstar by MSM.)

      But there is hope for the AGW cult- the longer a cat. 5 hurricane does not hit the USA ,the more probable it is that one will happen,
      as the current hurricane drought is very unusual(and contradicting,as reality almost always does) the predictions of the AGW cult.
      Considering that it was too cold in the northern regions(=proof of nothing) of our atmosphere and too hot in many southern parts(=proof of global warming:) there is a big chance that the hurricane drought will end this season as this cold-warm-divide should have lots of windy potential.

  13. richard says:

    Drive by shooting by Salon where you cannot even respond in a comments section.

  14. AndyG55 says:

    Salon…… that is where effeminate men get their hair cut, isn’t it ?

  15. dennisambler says:

    Huff Post is already bored with Irma:

    “End Of The Earth: Will Trump’s Climate Change Denial Be Tested?”
    HuffPost UK travelled to Antarctica to see first-hand the effects of climate change.

  16. Jeffk says:

    Just because millions of idiots live in paved over coastal areas today doesn’t make hurricanes and sea levels worse than before. Data shows the storms are actually less intense and less frequent when they reach the US coasts now.

  17. Allen Eltor says:

    Many years ago I heard James Hansen’s supervisor explain in full how his models don’t contain anything related to gas law.

    He explained how Hansen’s models can’t even arrive at the right global atmospheric temperature because of Hansen’s refusal to USE gas law: and compensate for the compression warming, the atmosphere incurs.

    How many degrees of this compression warming does Hansen’s fakery omit?

    * * *33 d.e.g.r.e.e.s.* * *

    What’s the error if you so-called ”calculate” the temperature of the planet’s atmosphere, using solely Stefan-Boltzmann mathematics, but don’t complete the work and do the full gas calculations?

    * * *33 d.e.g.r.e.e.s.* * *

    Furthermore I’m gonna point something out to you guys that you need to never leave far from your heart:

    the story about ”thim grean howse gaises, uh warmin up thuh Erth”

    is the biggest crock of sh** since fakery in pseudo science began.

    The Earth is literally a big round somewhat scarred rock.

    It’s heated by the available firelight of the sun.

    The nitrogen oxygen bath is many degrees colder than the planet,

    and serves to do not much more than conduction chill it.

    The green house gases, stop 20% of total available firelight from the sun, from ever reaching earth. They refract that infrared sunlight to space so it never sees a thermal sensor on earth.
    This 20% reduction in surface energy density constitutes by definition, cooling.

    And the claim of the magical gaissiness brigade is that

    every time the cooling green house gases reduce surface energy density another percent,

    thermal sensors on earth detect and depict even more light reaching warming and ultimately leaving the planet.

    That’s right, it’s what I said and I don’t care how many hicks exclaim the way they did, when their ”pot’s just like heroin” government chemistry scam, ”Ain’t neethur!”

    that story is nothing more nor less than ”Each time green house gases stop additional light from reaching warming and leaving the planet,

    ”instruments detect and depict ever more light reaching, warming and leaving the planet.”
    I am not being a smartass when I tell each and every one of you this: This scam is identical in it’s nature to the ”Pot’s like heroin and worse for you than methyl amphetamine” GOVERNMENT RUN CHEMISTRY SCAM designed to criminalize and ultimately murder blacks, mexicans, and anybody else who wanted to get crosswise with professional government employee unions and their lackey, evil assed ‘consultants’ who ‘counsel’ people that ”your kids’ daddy is a pot head so we’re taking all your money to give to OUR kids, and making YOU, a CRIMINAL”.

    You don’t get to choose your ”right or wrong” fights, those fights choose you.

    You have stood up to em Tony and not one of us is gonna back the f*** down.

    You can’t just back down to harping, hawking, sh** talking frauds. If you do, you never stop running because the world’s filled with people who will say anything if it makes their lives apparently easier.

    The only thing that makes them act any different is to humiliate them until to you, it’s WAY past what ought to be ‘normal’ but they’re dug in- they’re trained to stick to their story come right or wrong or hell or high water,

    and the vast majority of them were educated in the very same seat they massaged and brainwashed that dumbassed grandpa of theirs into admitting that – yeah, shoar uh nuff, at’Tair pot’s jist like heroin, and anybody gets shot to death with some, deserves what they got comin’ to em.

    Oh – and for the kicker – who was it that made pot illegal? The OTHER grand GOVERNMENT CHEMISTRY SCAM of the 20th century?

    That’s right, a Democratic president FDR
    and a Democratic House,
    and a Democratic Senate,

    brought you ”your son had a joint in his car so officer Bill shot him to death, today. Because yew noez: pot’s just like heroin so we had to save him from it. We know you’re relieved.”

    Everybody, when you look around and see black people simply friggin FURIOUS at white people, what is it that really has led to a lot of this?

    That other grand government chemistry scam, ”pot’s just like heroin.”

    If you liked 80 years of ”pot is devil grass”
    you’re gonna love the next 80 years of ”magic gas makes a rock get hotter every time insulation mixed in a bath makes less light reach it, to warm it.”

    Some of the idiots reading this think my post is about pot. Or about black people or about the weather.

    It’s about government employees banding together to turn entire classes of humanity into dehumanized income stream




    And you’re next.
    No, you’re not next.
    You’re it, NOW.
    Tag, you’re it, betcha can’t stop a government employee union from robbing you blind and making your own kids point fingers and ridicule you as a lost, deluded, outsider.

    These people are evil.
    They are literally as close as you can come to evil incarnate.
    There’s obviously several versions of that and the one facing Americans, and Euros,

    government employees.

    One of my parents is a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

    The other one likes authority and the quiet, easy, even UNSPOKEN – just a LOOK does it – power of simply being part of a life ruining machine.

    I love my parents but they’re like all things that discover free money without work, without much risk, without conscience. They’re predators. And YOU’RE what they feed on. I am. Hell, they feed on each other but since there are only 1 in 4 adults who’s a government employee,

    to them, it’s just priming a well pump with a little water so you can get a LOT.

    For those kids of you in high school you tell your teacher that ”there is no such thing as mixing some light blocking insulation
    into a cold bath conduction chilling a rock
    making instruments show more light reaching and warming that rock
    every time the insulation makes less light reach and warm that rock.”

    You tell him ”that’s a violation of Conservation of Energy and when it’s not, you can show me but till then I don’t want to hear any of your ”pot’s just like heroin because a buncha people said so” bullshit.”

    You tell em however you can tell em and not have em physically attack and insult you. Because they’ll give off every angry vibe that you must not know how much trouble you’re in.

    As far as you adults go I’m not free to advise you on that. If you’re so chickensh** you’re the kind who says ”Wayle thay shoar didn’t make that pot aginst thuh law cawse it’s good for ya” – actually that’s PRECISELY why Democrats made it against the law, because Democrats like government authority and they don’t care, how or who or what gets damaged, they like to see power
    in action
    and people fleeing in chaos from it.

    It’s what makes them tick. YOU


    And PAYING them
    to make you afraid of them

    is the highest perversion. And they LOVE it.

    Because it smells like s.e.c.u.r.i.t.y.
    They see someone doesn’t like it
    They see they are physically robbing people
    They see it meets the constraints of cause and effect in mind

    and it’s ON.

    And they’ve got sense to work for the government, and ”go along.”

    ”Go along” is a big part of government employee teaching. Biggest mob wins unless you want to fight about it which ”can only reduce quality of life for us all, so – why don’t YOU compromise.”

    The American Government has become an exceptionally evil thing in this world.

    First it lied about pot being heroin so it could purely, simply, criminalize and enslave the entire black and mexican population in not just America – but they’ve spread that CHEMISTRY SCAM WORLD WIDE.


    In other words you’re being told with this so called ”science” that is actually the caliber terms I just joked around in, that

    ”magic insulation
    mixed into a cold bath
    makes instruments detect and depict more light reaching and warming a rock
    every time the insulation
    makes less light reach and warm the rock.”

    Their final caveat to you?


    Peace on you Tony.
    Evil to your enemies.

    The Western World is in for another tacky, evil century of


    CHEMISTRY and other FRAUDS,


    ”Counseling” you about how ”you have to realize how dangerous pot is.”

    ”Counseling” you about how ”you know the basic science of instruments detecting and depicting more light leaving rocks, insulation makes less light reach is real science, you’re just… ”in denial.”

    Government employees have usurped the very laws of physics before everyones’ eyes

    and not one human being in a thousand – go look – even has the balls to tell people,



    Much less science.

    FRAUD isn’t SCIENCE. Even if the GOVERNMENT is DOING it,

    EVEN if it’s ”proven” to not be FRAUD in – go figure, a GOVERNMENT court.

    Government employees have escaped with your freedom when they told you it’s their responsibility to educate you and tell you what you have permission to think.

    I wish I could say there’s some answer but I personally can’t think of a good one. But that’s the situation.

    • Advocatus Diaboli says:

      “The green house gases, stop 20% of total available firelight from the sun, from ever reaching earth. They refract that infrared sunlight to space so it never sees a thermal sensor on earth.”

      GHGs might actually help to DECREASE temps? That’s a VERY interesting idea. Is there research on this?

      • gator69 says:

        There is this…

        According to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory, carbon dioxide increases the potential of water vapor to absorb and emit IR radiation as a consequence of the overlapping absorption/emission spectral bands. I have determined the total emissivity of a mixture of gases containing 5% of water vapor and 0.039% of carbon dioxide in all spectral bands where their absorptivities/emissivities overlap. The result of my calculations is that carbon dioxide reduces the total absorptivity/emissivity of the water vapor, working like a coolant, not a warmer of the atmosphere and the surface.

        Update April 8, 2011. There was an error in calculating the overlapping bands, discovered thanks to criticism from ’Neutrino’. The errors are now shown with lines through them, the correct figures beside them. The ‘adjusted’ calculations give a greater cooling effect from carbon dioxide .

  18. Rob says:

    Salon is a pathetic site that is targeted towards the crazy cult that has formed within the left (not all liberals are part of it, obviously) and anything that comes from them should be instantly ignored since it will be complete garbage. I have unfortunately read a couple things from that site years ago and I instantly felt like I lost some IQ points after, just as Tony warns here.

    I didn’t read what this moron said as I now avoid giving idiots my time and attention. Just as I wouldn’t give my time to some bible thumping nuts that scream “God hates fags!” at funerals, I won’t give my time to lefty cult nuts who say inane garbage that reality proves is garbage.

    I will say this: the AGW people have basically created a new religion as the similarities between it and other organized religions (specifically Islam) are clear to see:

    -no actual proof what they believe in exists
    -attack anyone who is a skeptic and imply those skeptics are a plague on humanity and causing issues and should be dealt with
    -push forth a doom and gloom future if you don’t believe what they do
    -think everything that happens is a result of their beliefs
    -ignore evidence that contradicts their beliefs
    -the followers blindly trust the leaders which they feel are special and can be trusted
    -think humanity is more special and powerful than it is
    -want control of everyone
    -have or do continue to make predictions that don’t come true

    I have often wondered how organized religions took off and got hundreds of millions and in the case of Islam and Christianity, many billions of people to follow them without there truly being any other basis to them other than the word of someone telling them what to believe yet here I am, witness to one doing just that.

  19. Allen Eltor says:

    There are grammatical errors. I apologize. Almost a decade ago I told myself I’d never, ever, give a shit about this scam enough, to even care if anyone respected what I said about it, because I could see the fix was in: and I made up this Allen Eltor character, to hide behind while Democrats went on another outrage con and started murdering and slandering people at whim.
    At large.
    At will.

    My father, as I said, is a retired federal law enforcement official; and was a political operator within that realm; and I knew the best way to stop myself from being tempted to sacrifice my own career to the government employee fraud machine, was to pursue a path of ‘court jester’ who flouted any need for political savvy because he was ”too crazy to care; in literature, these ‘court jester’ figures are used as a means of telling the inside story, while being utterly annoyed because they couldn’t do anything about the story.

    In my own case, the Allen Eltor and other pseudonyms are a reminder to me that – this is a psychology game between government employees who believe in criminality as THEIR way of life,

    and humanity.

    The people it’s a game to
    are the people forcing me – and you – to pay them
    to play it on you.

    They want to shamelessly shake me and you down and make us pay them, to simply pretend we are criminals and hunt us like vermin. Remember the Cook guy and his friends from ‘Skeptical Science’ pasting their own faces onto the bodies of SS and other German Wermacht soldiers and officers from the Nazis burning and plundering and murdering their way through Russia?

    These are government employees with nothing to do but foment diabolical schemes to enslave people, by lying to them in such shameless lack of fear of retribution,

    that they’re threatening you, and teaching your child in school, that

    in a bath
    blocking light to a rock
    can make instruments detect and depict
    more light reaching and leaving the rock
    with every percent
    less light reaching and leaving the rock

    because they’ll ”turn the fury of the people” onto whomever defies it.

    These are government employees without any apparent concern for the damage they sew, in fact – they were caught taking glee in plundering and burning modern science down, as Cook and friends giggled about their exploits doing just that. (Cook’s private files at Skeptical Science were broken into by hackers and there were NUMEROUS photos and obviously a joyful time being had by all around, as they discussed their Neo-Nazi glee at being able to simply move without resistance through the globe, destroying any and all persons or institutions in their path. I don’t really know a lot about that part of it, because I already know those people are like that: as I said, my own father is a retired federal law enforcement officer. I know what they’re like. He lived and died his entire life a FERVENT democrat. Fervent Demonic Rat is more like it.
    Hate to say it. But somebody’s got to, and when you’ve seen Democrats up close you realize there is something e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y. wrong with most of them. They just worship any form of criminal group they can create because they w.o.r.s.h.i.p. terrorizing people and s.h.a.k.i.n.g. them d.o.w.n.

    and the Educational sector,
    thinks up a lot of the scams, or creates fake ”science” claiming it’s real.

    This is a real problem and their target, is you. Salon, all these other hack rags, they’re professional manipulators
    who went to
    professional manipulator schools
    and need someone to manipulate,
    and need someone to give them instructions who’s next.

    That’s who these people are. They’re people who don’t so much have educations as they have manipulator school experience.

    They pay a lot of money for that experience, and the ”degrees” they get
    are permission to not be put working with the little people,
    and manipulate from the top down.

    Turning you into income stream.

    These government employees, as everyone watches, are turning the world into

    elite non worker ants
    who tell non elite worker ants
    every single thing they have permission to think.

    Unseating their never ending assault on the freedom of the world is going to be a big job and I don’t know who is going to figure out how to do something about the criminals infecting government employee unions from the top down, but it’s not a problem that’s going to go away.

    It’s several of the world’s largest industries combined. The Government industry.

    You’re either in it
    or you’re not in it

    and you’re not allowed,
    to not play.

    That’s against the rules. Pyschopaths in education who paste their heads onto Nazis burning down Russia: that’s who are teaching your child that insulation mixed into a bath around a light warmed rock, makes instruments depict more light leaving the rock, every time the insulation makes less light reach it.

    Telling your child that ”your father and mother have psychological disorders.”

    And that their psychological disorder is ”not doing what I tell them to do.”

    While they fabricate fakery to rule the world
    shooting people’s children to death over pot they claim is like heroin,

    telling you, that because you won’t agree there is magical insulation that makes instruments depict more light leaving a rock the insulation makes less light reach

    you don’t deserve anything at all. You are to have your so-called ‘rights’ abrogated and simply robbed, whether you ”agree with the science” or not.

  20. John Smith says:

    Bloomberg: A $150 Billion Misfire: How Disaster Modelers Got Irma So Wrong


    • jokin says:

      Hats off to Bloomberg for making rational sense of all this (the nutjobs who write for Salon, and the readers who are misinformed by it, would be well-served by cognitively digesting some basic facts):

      “Those are modern storms. Simulations based on the paths and powers of some that rammed the U.S. 100 or more years ago show they were far more disastrous, or would be if they arrived today when the population is much more dense and there is far more, and far more expensive, property to destroy.

      One hurricane that raked the U.S. East Coast in 1893 was so furious the impact could have added up to $1 trillion. “They haven’t really happened in our modern economy,” Watson said, adding it’s only a matter of time. “We have so much stuff and so much infrastructure. Leave all the arguments about climate change aside; we are rapidly moving into that era where we are going to be seeing $50 billion, $100 billion storms, and I will not be surprised when we get to $300 billion.”

  21. Donna K. Becker says:


    My few comments have been going to moderation for a while now. Is there any particular reason for that?

  22. LexingtonGreen says:

    Well, lets hope a few of his readers come this way.

  23. Pathway says:

    Jeff Masters is a true believer.

  24. wanweilin says:

    I was warned….I read it….My brain hurts.

  25. Griff says:

    Be honest Tony – you frequently call people liars. Do you contact them and ask them for a comment before posting that?

    The New York times contacts people, fact checks and corrects mistakes, for all its faults… websites like this one don’t.

    I remind you you have more than once been forced to retract and correct your postings… and taken to task for what you post by the likes of Anthony Watts.

    • AndyG55 says:

      That’s because that ARE LIARS

      Just like you are.

      You are continuously shown to be MORONICALLY and INTENTIOALLY WRONG,

      … but have never once had the GUTS to admit your ABJECT DISHONESTY.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “The New York times contacts people, fact checks and corrects mistakes….” — Griffy

      What a crock of BULL!!!

      Nov 22, 2003 — “Pulitzer Prizes board decides not to revoke 1932 prize awarded to New York Times reporter Walter Duranty for 1931 series of articles…” — (wwwDOT)

      So The Pulitzer Prizes board and the New York Times are unwilling to remove the glory given to a genocide enabler.

      “On November 23rd 2013, the 80th year, the Holodomor was widely commemorated in Ukraine and by numerous other countries that have recognized the Holodomor as genocide. It was then that the revolution of dignity evolved…. As of December 2015, a number of countries, including Canada, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Italy and Poland recognize the Famine as an act of genocide.” — holodomor(DOT)ca/education/teaching-materials/holodomor-denial-silences/

      It was not like Duranty was unaware of the Genocide. He ACTIVELY HID THE TRUTH!!!
      The denigration of Gareth Jones by Walter Duranty in The New York Times, Friday March 31st 1933.

      The TRUTH is in Gareth Jones Diary Notes relating to Soviet Ukraine Famine 1932-33″
      ” Below, and in full for the first time, are the contents of these afore-mentioned ‘note-books’: & you may perhaps recognise that this ‘meticulous little man’ , less than three years later, was effectively assassinated along with his famine message … by the Soviets; simply for being a completely un-corruptible maverick, though perhaps albeit, naively, courageous messenger of the truth… “
      So the Soviets killed Jones when they could not shut him up.

      How The New York Times Contributed To Ukraine’s ‘Bitter Harvest’ In The 1930s “Joseph Stalin received great publicity, the New York Times published exclusive interviews with Stalin, and Walter Duranty could live glamorously. Everyone benefitted but starving Ukranians.”

      In 2006, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law recognizing the famine as an intentional act of genocide by the Communist regime against the Ukrainian people. The current Russian government argues Communist Joseph Stalin’s disastrous economic policies caused the famine, but rejects the argument that it was a genocide specifically targeting ethnic Ukrainians.

      Regardless of that dispute, the famine was definitely a tragedy of enormous proportions. Now, imagine that you live in the United States in the early 1930s and get your news from The New York Times (NYT). What do you know about this tragedy? The short answer is nothing.
      The New York Times, Apologist for Communist Murder

      The head of the NYT’s Moscow bureau at that time was Walter Duranty, an apologist for Bolshevism. American left-wing intellectuals enthusiastically greeted his dispatches from the Soviet Union. In 1931, Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles in the NYT that covered up Stalinism’s atrocities.

      He vociferously denied the existence of the famine in Ukraine, claiming people were “hungry but not starving” and “there is no famine or actual starvation.” Some other Western journalists covering the USSR honestly reported on the famine. One of them was the Manchester Guardian’s Moscow correspondent Gareth Jones, but Duranty tried to discredit Jones’ reports, calling him a liar….

      Go watch the movie released this year titled “Bitter Harvest”

      Oh that’s right. As Gator says you don’t give a $H!T about people who are starved to death as long as the glorious idea of Socialism is moved forward.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      “The New York times contacts people, fact checks …”

      New York Times Editors Deny Reading Their Own Newspaper

      Be honest, Ms Griff, you are a pathetic Leftist moron.

    • gator69 says:

      Ms Griff, when will the NYT correct this piece…

      It is among many articles that claim man is responsible for Irma. The IPCC has clearly stated that there is no proof of increasing frequency or severity of hurricanes as it relates to climate change.

      Please get back to me when you have spent days on end berating the NYT for their inaccuracies. As added credit, you could start advocating for human life over meaningless ice.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        In other circumstances I would say this is well argued but here it is just too easy.

        You and other regular readers of this blog are familiar with Ms Griff’s methods and know the she will not get back to you. Her “contributions” will consist of hit-and-run non sequiturs, evasions and lies.

        From a logical perspective there are two possibilities. Ms Griff is either a moron ignorant about facts or she knowingly lies about them but her extensive writing also strongly indicates I should not have used an exclusive disjunction “either … or” in this sentence.

        Like most Leftists, Ms Griff is very ignorant and she demonstrates it here regularly (to be fair, it is nearly impossible to stop being ignorant and remain a Leftist). Second, like most Leftists she also believes to occupy the moral high ground, which in her mind gives her the justification to be dishonest and lie about things damaging to her cause, even if she happens to know better.

        An objective observer can’t avoid the conclusion that Ms Griff is both an ignoramus and a liar.

        • gator69 says:

          Being a leftist is easy for the lazy and the ignorant, they are told by all the “right people” that they hold all the “right ideas”, and therefore there is no reason whatsoever to go looking any further into said topic.


  26. RAH says:

    They did the same to Rush Limbaugh. Just out and out lied about what he had said. No possible excuse in misunderstanding context. Just out and out LIES! So you see Tony, you’ve hit the big time. They only go after people they are afraid of in the media like they have you and Limbaugh. Thankfully, I believe in each case they can’t get at either of you in any another way. So all they can do is try to bludgeon you with words to try and get you to shut up or, failing that, try to marginalize you. After reading it I decided it would be funny if it wasn’t just so sad. Challenge that ass-hat Binckes to a one on one debate LIVE. And do it on twitter and see what happens.

    • Gail Combs says:

      do it on twitter and see what happens.

      Twitter will censor or Shadow-ban Tony so the ass-hat Binckes appears to win and Tony appears to not be able to defend his position. Twitter does it all the time to Deplorables replying the President Trump so the majority of responses are venom and hate. In this way they can ‘Show’ He is losing supporters. Trump is not, he is gaining support and followers but you would never know it.

      My hatred for the Yellow Stream Media and the Urinalists continues to grow exponentially. Like Walter Duranty they have proved, by their words and actions, to be traitors to the human race.

      • RAH says:

        I did not mean the debate to be on twitter. I meant the challenge for the debate to be extended via twitter. Twitter is not the forum for debate. I meant right up front in a public and personal face to face debate at an acceptable location on an agreed forum.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Sorry I miss understood RAH

          I am angry that the Progressives are messing with the internet from Faceplant to Twatter to gor-gooyles. It is bad enough there are no decent MSM outlets.

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