20 Pages Done

Progress on the book has been very rapid. I’ve completed 20 pages of approximately 200.  If I keep up at this rate it might be done by Thanksgiving.

The book will be very different from any climate book you have seen before. The intent is to be visually quite stunning.

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  1. Iowa Climate says:

    Sold! We want a signed copy. Will be extremely valuable one day.

  2. Kris Johanson says:

    Re: style – you have a formula that you’ve honed over time and that works… stick with it! I think this is a great idea

  3. TedL says:

    Visually stunning and factually overwhelming.

  4. OneTeam says:

    Cannot wait. Can we pay extra for a pre-ordered and signed copy?

    • tonyheller says:

      Sounds like a good idea, but I’m not at that point yet. I’m not certain how much the book will cost to manufacture. I know it will be expensive with a lot of graphics.

      • Rud Istvan says:

        per. Ebook only version went out at $9.99. Used a publisher other than Amazon, so book was also available iBooks, Nook, Knobo, and all other ebook channels. You want, I can intoduce you to my publisher. You will still have to earn their support.

    • Richard Haas says:

      Here! Here!

      Count me in Tony!

  5. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Tony, do you intend to publish this book electronically only, or on paper? And if the latter, do you have a publisher lined up or do you plan to self-publish it?

  6. Andy DC says:

    Best wishes!

  7. Colin Barton says:

    Hi Tony,
    There is a publisher here in Victoria, Australia, that has been used for real-climate books by Ian Plimer and the late dear Bob Carter.
    It is hard to get many major publishers to publish works that are not acceptable to green pressure groups but these are ones that refuse to knuckle under.
    They are Conner Court Publishing Company,
    PO Box 1,
    Ballan, Victoria 3342,
    Website: http://www.connercourt.com
    Email: sales@connercourt.com.
    Oz. in general is not low cost, compared to Asia, but the quality of their work is top. You can check it out by looking at Ian Plimer’s or Bob’s books.
    God luck and best wishes with this,
    Kind regards, Colin.
    PS. I have no connection with Conner Court and therefore no ax to grind

  8. Bob Tisdale says:

    Tony, I’d be happy to proofread as you go along. You’ve got my email address.

    Take care.


    • Excellent idea. I seldom catch a Tony typo; but, this book needs to be perfect. I’m getting a autographed copy after all.

    • Richard Haas says:

      Ditto-my colleagues call me “The Grammar Nazi”. Don’t want to give the Lib-paths (I refuse to say “Lib-tard” because it’s an insult to the mentally handicapped) any room to nit-pick when confronted with your irrefutable facts!

  9. CheshireRed says:

    Great. One of the big appeals here is that you SHOW how, where and when data has been adjusted. Before and after images can be brutally effective.
    Often a single glance at your graphs is enough for a neutral layman to see what’s happened. Some are staggering and stand true to the maxim that a picture can paint a thousand words.
    I’ve got several climate change books and though they’re good they’re very heavy going, with a tendency for too much detail. The average person losses the will to live in no time.
    There’s half a dozen indexes that’ve been adjusted to enable the big lie to be rolled out and repeated. Nail those and the public will get furious with the elites who’ve pulled this blag. Good luck.

  10. Rick K says:

    Continued best wishes to you. I love your work and the impunity with which you put it out there for all to see.
    Looking forward to your book in any form!

  11. Eric Simpson says:

    Awesome! Although IMO the most the important thing is the outline.

    Keep refining and restructuring that outline, and detailing the supporting evidence and supporting copy for various sections.

    Then you can easily pound out the complete draft, though I wouldn’t speed write it. Allow time to get it right and get a top seller!

    A good software program for non-fiction books is Scrivener.

    Here’s a video on it: Outlining With Scrivener! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ryXJ18eUp8

  12. Jeff Jones says:

    I just finished getting a book published (in my first attempt!) last years. LOTS of work. Congrats on yours. This will be an ‘in’ to go on national TV and get the message to the masses in a book tour.

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