Fabulous Choice By President Trump

Trump pick for top environmental post called belief in global warming a ‘kind of paganism’ – CNNPolitics

I moderated a panel at CPAC which included Kathleen, and spent some time with her later. She is an incredibly competent and well qualified choice – having headed up the second largest environmental protection agency in the world – the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Great job President Trump!

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24 Responses to Fabulous Choice By President Trump

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    Well, her remark is mostly true: Paganism = basically nature worship = Mother Earth is angry because of CO2

  2. hazze says:

    Mother Nature is kinda all about oxygen n coal.. CO2.. she lives of it Kris.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      CO2 is life. It’s a beautiful molecule, and is the building block of every green thing you see around you

      • R. Shearer says:

        Produced by fermentation of sugars to ethanol, it comprises the bubbles in champagne and beer, though not Guinness.

  3. David A says:

    “Trump pick for top environmental post called belief in global warming a ‘kind of paganism'”
    And 100 million triggered statists have meltdowns.

  4. Lance says:

    With a minor amount of luck, the opposition will endure packed colons for decades.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    Sounds a promising appointment, however may I suggest a policy that could do with going to the top of her in-tray?

    Put simply, Trump’s Administration needs to begin a campaign of re-education for the public based on observable facts rather than the current unrelenting propaganda from the climate cabal.

    Tony, you’ve shown again and again that human-emitted CO2 is having between little and absolutely zero detectable effect on global temperatures. Not by mindlessly asserting (a la Guardian, IPCC et al) but instead by showing how data is manipulated, adjusted, manufactured and despite all those efforts STILL doesn’t correlate with warming.

    There will only be a short window of opportunity to get this message across in the most emphatic fashion to the global public. Trump has 3 more years and then perhaps another 4. After that his chance will’ve passed. It’s imperative he uses his time diligently.

    • Rob says:

      I agree. The plan should be to present data like Tony has here to show it is bunk rather than just stay silent or call it paganism even if that is accurate.

      The only way to get more to see through this garbage is to show the data and evidence that blows a hole in it. Not showing the data does nothing to get people to see it is bunk.

    • Andy DC says:

      I’m hoping that armed with Tony’s graphs and videos, she will be just the exact right type of attack dog to go right directly at the throats of the alarmist fakers. To once and for all, put a stop to their wet dreams about living in a totalitarian world run by communists.

    • Scott M says:

      Maybe, but I think it will only make the believers believe even more, best to cut off the Govt grants and remove all the Govt propaganda and stop saying such and such is caused by Global Warming. Take the fear away, maybe mention the cost savings, and hope it goes away….

      Cutting the money stops a lot of the propaganda..

      • gator69 says:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

  6. Mark Fife says:

    CheshireReds comment is absolute fact. The leftist conglomerate of communists, socialists, globalists, and money / power hungry opportunists have used the power of government to create, disseminate, and propagandize a pseudo scientific hoax. In the process of doing so they have spent what, 20 billion a year or so for at least 10 years? And lord only knows what the total cost really is. Higher power bills, higher consumer goods prices, lower wages. Even worse, their policies have wreaked human havoc from increased food prices impacting the very poorest people in the world to completely destroying the careers of people with the integrity and courage to speak the truth.

    This has to stop and it has to stop now. If nothing else than the fact if the world can afford to spend 20 billion a year on this reeking pile of complete horse shit it could afford to spend that same amount in lifting people out of starvation. Just imagine what our world could look like if people of caring and competence and ingenuity had access to those kinds of resources and support to work towards improving the lives of people.

    • Mark Fife says:

      So called environmentalists would absolutely scream, but imagine the impact building reservoirs for irrigation and power generation in Africa could have. Imagine spending even a fraction of the billions wasted by these people on educating people in Africa, to empower them to perhaps transform their world. Imagine even a fraction of the vast human potential just in Africa unleashed from poverty and despair.

      I am sorry, I don’t see people who build businesses and drive productivity as the primary criminals in the world. I see people like Al Gore and the Clintons as the real criminals.

      • Arn says:

        The problem in africa is,that many of
        those countries are being robbed by global corporations
        from the USA,UK and France —
        by the very same corporations & their CEO’s who support the global warming tax,pretend to be environmentalist,

        (when Lumumba was killed by the cia/kissinger for the sake of global corporations so that they can do whatever they want to do in Kongo(=Kongo is today a shithole) the acid his body was thrown in
        was ‘donated’ by a belgium mining corporation.

        These people do not have the slightest interesst into improving living standards-that’s why they keep countries from developing and that’s why they import so many refugees(to bring those countries down)
        as this has the same effect as section8 housing which turned many healthy areas into slums.(the exact opposite of the ‘wanted’ results,while in fact the real results they were aiming were the one they got)

    • Kris Johanson says:

      …yeah, or just allocate some of that money to solving real pollution problems; there’s plenty of ‘actual’ problem molecules and substances we can remove from drinking water supplies and so forth

      or how about adding half that amount to fusion development projects

      • dave1billion says:

        I used to share your optimism about fusion power 20 years ago.

        I think I’m reluctantly coming around to believing something that a fusion skeptic told me 20 about years ago;

        “Fusion Power – It’s the energy of the future (and always will be)”

        • Arn says:

          Considering how much more energy is released by fusion compared to atomic chain reactions,
          the biggest problem beside controlling &storing such enourmous energies is
          how to “convince” atoms to break up their original structure & fuse & convert their
          without mega powers like atomic explosions or super gravity powers
          but in a very soft way.

          The gap between the standard fusion and the soft fusion looks far to great.

  7. GW says:

    The article is from a year ago; has she been confirmed yet ?

    • neal s says:

      I think your eyes deceive you. Or you read the caption on an old picture that was taken some time ago. The nomination is very recent.


      And the article is from yesterday. And Trump has NOT been PDJT for a year yet. So how could the article or nomination be a year old?

      • GW says:

        Yes, I scanned it quickly, and numerous references to 2016 gave the impression it was written then and just updated. It’s also possible the position was named back then, but not formally sent to the Senate until after the inauguration. As I recall, a number of cabinet positions were named during the transition in order to begin confirmation hearings shortly after the inauguration.

  8. Keith says:

    Her condemnation by environmentalists and CNN is the best recommendation she could get.

    Her remarks on Christiana Figueres are exactly correct. Figueres did indeed say that in enacting climate change policy, the goal was to stop capitalism.

    Another climate change aparatchick, Connie Hedegaard, who was European Climate Commissioner from 2010-2014 said something similar: “even if we are wrong about the science, we are right about the policy”

  9. Scott M says:

    Its feels good, but Im not tired of winning, not even close!!

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