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Thirty Years Of Spectacular Climate Science Incompetence

Global warming hysteria got its big start thirty years ago, when NASA’s James Hansen testified before Congress on a hot day in June. Government scientists predicted increasing drought in the corn belt, cotton growing in Siberia, oranges growing in British … Continue reading

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Tolerance means : “Shouting down anyone who rejects your global warming scam.” A Science Denier at the Natural History Museum? Scientists Rebel. – The New York Times The left never changes.

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New Video : Preparing For The Next Big Arctic Scam

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Preparing For The Next Arctic Scam

Over the next week we are going to start hearing hysterics about Arctic ice being the lowest on record, how it hardly grew in January, and how we “may be” headed for a record summer minimum. Ocean and Ice Services … Continue reading

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Twitter Trying To Silence Sean Hannity

Follow Shawn’s new Twitter account at  @seanhannity_

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

I heard this conversation earlier on NPR. A flood in Paris which is nine feet lower than one in 1910, is evidence that Paris is going to be destroyed by climate change. BEARDSLEY: Well, actually, Ari, there was a big … Continue reading

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Change Of Life

I love birds so much, I have decided to become an Eagle next Monday – for a few months.

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Plummeting January 26 Temperatures At The Nation’s Capitol

On this date in 1950, it was 78 degrees at Laurel, MD – just outside Washington DC. Since then, January 26 temperatures have plummeted. Today’s forecast is 45 degrees, which is 33 degrees cooler than 1950.

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Why Increased CO2 Makes The Climate Less Extreme

Over the past century, as CO2 has increased in the atmosphere, the frequency of hot days in the US has plummeted. The average maximum temperature has also plummeted as CO2 has increased. Meanwhile, the average minimum temperature has increased as … Continue reading

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My Climate Forecast From Three Years Ago

I’ll bet the hottest dataset wins the biggest government grant.” – Dr. Roy Spencer NASA’s surface temperatures have been steadily altered over time to cool pre-1970 temperatures, and warm post-1970 temperatures. This creates the appearance of warming, which is necessary … Continue reading

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