15th Hole Strategy

This is the 15th hole at the Los Alamos Golf Course. It is 160 yards downhill. I have been playing this hole for 50 years and still haven’t figured it out.  They normally put the pin near the front of the green, to keep people from hitting cars. The front of the green is less than 20 feet wide, and it is only 30 feet from trap to trap.

Yesterday I thought I hit a perfect shot into a strong wind, and ended up in the trap on the right side. I missed the pin by only ten feet, but left myself with a very difficult second shot out of the trap on to a narrow green, which drops off sharply on the other side.

Unless you are pro, it probably makes sense to play it short and have an easy second shot on to a flat, smooth green, but I still haven’t figured that out yet after 50 years. The good news is that I now get a senior discount.

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