Least Extreme Summer On Record In The US

The summer of 2018 has (so far) brought the smallest number of daily record temperatures and the smallest number of all time record maximum temperatures in the US.

The number of record daily precipitation events has been trending downwards and is twelfth smallest in the last fifty years.


The number of tornadoes in 2018 has been second smallest on record.

torngraph-big.png (1000×650)

And there have been no US hurricane strikes. By this date in 1886, the US had already been hit by four hurricanes, and was about to be hit by a fifth.

1886 Atlantic hurricane season summary map – 1886 Atlantic hurricane season – Wikipedia

The Ministry of Truth of course reports the exact opposite.

Newsweek says “Mother Nature has gone bad”

Extreme Weather? Mother Nature Has Gone Mad

Here is the same story from 1955. They blamed it on atom bombs and airplanes.

21 Sep 1955, Page 6 – Arizona Republic at Newspapers.com

They used to blame extreme weather on global cooling, but now they blame imaginary extreme weather on global warming.

Full page fax print

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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