New Video : Proselytizing The Global Warming Religion

You can also view the video at my new channel.

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18 Responses to New Video : Proselytizing The Global Warming Religion

  1. gregole says:

    One of your best videos Tony! The entire M@nn-Made Global Warming / Climate Change narrative is pure invention:

    None of the dire predictions dating back to the 80s has happened
    None of the conditions, be it drought; heatwave; hurricanes is as they say
    All of it is exageration and sometimes as you note, pure fabrication and story-telling

    People are tuning out:

    In a way this is good – but tremendous damage has already been done by poor public policies already put in place like this for instance:

    If these coal-fired plants really are closed down – and note how many are nowhere near their stated design lifetime; then what is going to replace them? Windmills? Solar panels? Gas Plants? Nuke? In any case, people’s lives are being disrupted, in many cases their livlihoods destroyed – I know in my home state of Arizona the Apache coal plant closure is projected to have a devastating effect on the local economy.

    Disruption of people’s lives, destruction of perfectly good energy infrastructure, and the poor will pay the higest price since energy cost is regressive, and all for what? To reduce CO2 – the molecule responsible for all life on earth.

    If indeed this is a religion, then it’s a death cult.

    • gregole says:

      Correction: Navajo generating station.

    • Bob Hoye says:

      Last sentence–outstanding!

    • Johansen says:

      Coal is expensive. Natural gas is the cheapest. That’s the only reason coal plants are being retired. Nuclear is off the charts, unfortunately, because 1) we don’t have contractors anymore who know what they’re doing with these mammoth plants, and 2) the const process is so highly regulated it drives the cost thru the roof
      Wind energy tax credits are *done*. They are dead. This will be the nail in the coffin for wind, because the ‘levelized cost of production’ for wind projects *without tax breaks* is too high! These projects got huge tax breaks in the past. Not anymore

      • Anon says:

        Gregole & Johansen One other thing about Coal and I did not realize it until a few months ago, from reading some of the more technical energy publications that deal with electrical grid construction and mainetence. Everyone has probably seen the phrase that Natural Gas is a Transition Fuel and emits half the amount carbon dioxide than Coal. The question I was curious about was transition to what? That never seemed to be answered as currently 100% renewable is not possible due to intermittent sunshine and wind, with no long term storage technology on the horizon. The only way around this is to massively overbuild the renewable generation and transmission capacity so that electricity can be shunted around from producing to non-producing regions.
        If over building is too expensive (which it is), then you need to find another solution.

        Point #1 This is where Natural Gas comes in. Power plants fueled with Natural Gas can be flexibly turned on and off as renewable power generation sources fluctuate. Coal and Nuclear Plants generally take much more time to power up and down. Thus pairing Natural Gas with Renewables is a lot more preferable than the other technologies. So, from an engineering perspective and an environmental perspective (50% less CO2), Natural Gas is the preferred technology.

        Point#2 This is where some of the perversity comes in. Regions that are currently supplied with a stable source of power, as provided by Coal and Nuclear plants are difficult to incorporate renewable power projects in. They are not “renewable friendly” because of their power production and transmission structure. So, if you really want to be able to have renewables proliferate and thrive across the country, Coal and Nuclear plants need to be retired or there will be areas in which they simply won’t be able to penetrate. Because the Obama Administration was promoting renewables, it had a vested interest in shutting down Coal and Nuclear plants. This was not for the benefit of the consumer, but to make the renewable sector more robust and sustainable. (Drive their competition out of business by over-regulating them.)

        Point #3 Did you ever wonder why it took so long for Hillary and Obama to condemn the Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone Pipelines ? Or why Trudeau is insistent on constructing the Trans-Mountain Pipeline? There is a real fear that if environmentalists (the far eco-left) start to get “big victories” with any of these projects, they will then start to target all pipeline projects. And if you are going to create a Natural Gas electrical grid, guess what you need? (pipelines) This is why John Podesta said in Wikileaks that we are living in a “leftie alternative Universe.” (they have a problem managing their own constituency on many different issues sometimes.)


        Anyway, just some behind the scenes background material that won’t ever appear in the MSM.

  2. Stewart Pid says:

    Holy shit Tony …. you hit that one right out of the park and tore the cover off the ball. Most excellent work!!!
    Everyone should spread this far and wide if Tony is okay with posting it elsewhere.

    • tonyheller says:

      Of course

    • Yes. Brilliant work. Hopefully the Dems will shed this life-destroying superstition that caused their defeat in 2016. Much of this anti-American reaction was brought on by Republicans adopting the Comstock laws and Prohibition party agenda as graven images, then using them to bully women until 1973. But that’s OK. The pro-technology Libertarian Party will be happy to replace 19th-Century Red Republicans.

  3. Peteo says:

    Just, WOW! Perfect.

  4. arn says:

    James Cameron & Sigourney Weaver?
    who would have thought that the two persons who already worked together
    at ‘Aliens’ became the world leading amateur AGW experts.
    What an amazing coiincidence.
    Hollywood goes science because this science is 100% hollywood= science fiction minus science.

    I guess they have to be busy with AGW(and protesting for human rights:) the same way as they have been busy
    looking in the other direction during Weinsteins molestings
    and pretending they did not knew about this(though Courtney Love exposed him in 2004 as Johnny Rotten exposed child molesting Saville in 1978 and all ignored it for decades on purpose),
    because they were told to do so.

  5. Johansen says:

    Rich well-connected people scaring impressionable youth half to death to raise money they spend on themselves is evil, just pure evil

  6. Michael Spencer says:

    Right on cue: two items in one of local TV news bulletins yesterday …. Floods in India (unprecedented, of course!) and a heat-wave in Portugal (unprecedented, of course) and cause by – guess what?

    “Anthropogenic global warming/climate change/disruption/’weirdness’/whatever-is-today’s-fashionably-politically-correct-name-for-it” is the cause, don’t you know? And it’s all your fault!

    Solution: stop breathing out! (And have a nice day ….)

  7. Anon says:


    I saw your comment on twitter about People who want to see the project fail have been posting videos that could get the site banned, from copyrighted material to use your imagination. So, just as this site guards against comment spam, they needed to implement analogous safeguards. FYI…

  8. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    Excellent exposé Tony.
    I especially like the point you make highlighting the subconscious demonizing of the fossil fuel industry, yet it is the mainstay of civilization. Perhaps they intend to return us to the stone-age!
    Fossil derived energy being consumed in the US at this very moment is 80% of total.

    Could it be, the same ones who have reduced the U.S. to irredeemable bankruptcy are the same ones driving the climate apocalypse hoax?

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