Not Just Fascists – But Racists Too

People on the left actually seem to believe believe they can prevent fires and hurricanes through hatred.

31 Dec 1936, Page 5 – Plumas Independent at

05 Dec 1936, Page 7 – Santa Cruz Evening News at

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12 Responses to Not Just Fascists – But Racists Too

  1. Gator says:

    Ms Stranger, never gonna happen because only weather kills people.

    And just exactly what will it take for Black Chicago residents to take a real stand?

  2. AndyDC says:

    The new normal for the left is that racism is fine as long as it only applies to white people.

  3. gregole says:

    This seems to be the latest thing: extreme racism against whites. I can’t believe it’s being so casually accepted by the tolerant left, maybe they don’t even recognize what’s being said.

    But to me, a white guy, it’s quite clear. Let me quote: “The fact is nothing is going to be done about climate change until it kills white people.”

    Wow. That’s despicable.

  4. Johansen says:

    So the S. Calif. grass fire in the top picture was caused by *spontaneous combustion* from atmospheric temperature?! Give me a break, dude. People start these fires all the time. Illegals start them, stupid people start them, dope growers start them, hikers, and on and on. It’s people, lame brain…

    • GCsquared says:

      The people wouldn’t be doing that if it weren’t for all the CO2 that’s triggering them! It’s true: people eat more plants (thus showing more horticultural aggression) from greenhouses enhanced with CO2, than they do when the same plants are grown in greenhouses with plain air.
      Hmmm, maybe I should develop this into an article and see if I can get it published in the NYT.

  5. Dave N says:

    Those newspaper clippings are not peer reviewed: your argument is invalid

  6. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Racism (or hate in general) toward a group of people subtly incites violence against them. Once it’s acceptable to hate a particular of people, it becomes acceptable to marginalize them. And once it’s acceptable to marginalize them, it eventually becomes acceptable to assault, batter, and even kill them. Look around. The examples are too numerous to count. WWII comic books made it acceptable to hate Germans and Japanese. Today, many muslims (i.e. Palestinians), as well as Jews, in the middle east use racism to teach their children to hate.

  7. frederik wisse says:

    Only the vatican can create white smoke . Is there a natural cause that nearly all smoke is black ? This should exonerate the white race !

  8. richard says:

    That’s weird as the world’s population is increasing a million a week with the biggest increase seen in the far hotter 3rd world countries and the world population expected to be 11 billion by 2100.

  9. RonnyLee says:

    Richard Henry Dana, in his Autobiographical Journal describing his voyage as a seaman aboard a merchant ship, transporting cattle hides from the Spanish Ranchos of California to Boston in 1835. Dana writes of great wildfires that occurred in Santa Barbara, some years before.

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