One Of The Least Hot Augusts On Record In The US

Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.

George Orwell

The percent of the US reaching 90 degrees during August has plummeted over the past century.  Last year was a record low of 61%, and this year was also in the bottom ten percent.

The percentage of hot days has also declined sharply over the past century.


And the average maximum temperature has declined, and was below average this year.

The fraudsters who run the climate propaganda machine of course claim the exact opposite.

CBS News says it was the hottest summer on record in Boston, which had no days over 95 degrees this year, compared to eleven in 1949.

Boston has had ten days over 90 degrees, which was a little above average, and 24th highest on record.

The average maximum temperature this summer was also a little above average, and was 13th warmest on record.

It is wildly fraudulent to say this was the hottest summer on record in Boston, but fraud is the standard operating procedure for climate reporters.

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