Tackling Extreme Superstition Is An Increasingly Brainwashed World

As the frequency of hot days declines in New York, leftists are convinced they are burning up.

How New York City Is Tackling Extreme Heat in a Warming World | WIRED

These snowflakes wouldn’t have done well in New York in 1901

Or 1896.

1896 Heatwave

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4 Responses to Tackling Extreme Superstition Is An Increasingly Brainwashed World

  1. LOL in Oregon says:

    They “religiously believe”!
    While we should have separation of religion and goberment
    …these “believing” folk “believe” they should are right and
    ….. will do anything to bully their way into “power”.
    Just look at the religious bigots of Portland Oregon, like the “mayor”!

  2. GCsquared says:

    The title is so apt. Parties are undoubtedly soliciting the help of public opinion agencies, not to mention funding agencies, to persuade the population to “believe in” (they even use the phrase) APGW, whatever that means, and to regard sceptics as misguided or corrupted cranks. After all, if you were running an operation the size of the APGW Alrmism program, why WOULDN’T you enlist experts in this area.

    The efforts are sadly effective. Is there a deprogramming expert in the house?

  3. Paul Homewood says:

    Go outside NYC to a long running, high quality site like Cornell University, and you’ll soon find out that it has been much warmer regularly in the past:


  4. MGJ says:

    I had to go back and read it a second time but no, it really did say what I thought it said: ‘Environmental justice’!

    I appreciate the word ‘justice’ has been perverted beyond redemption, but WTF is ‘Environmental justice’ supposed to be!?

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