New York Times Fraud At Ithaca, New York

The New York Times claims that Ithaca, New York gets about three days per year over 90 degrees, when in fact they average almost double that.

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? – The New York Times

The number of 90 degree days has declined by 50% over the last 90 years, as CO2 has increased.

The New York Times claims the opposite trend.

A large percentage of New York Times reporting is fraudulent, and sometimes it is trivial to prove. They are hiding readily available historical data, reporting incorrectly on historical and present data, and claiming trends which are the exact opposite of reality. Scientific and journalistic fraud at its worst.

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9 Responses to New York Times Fraud At Ithaca, New York

  1. Gator says:

    The Old Grey Ministry of Truth.

  2. DM says:

    The NYT, and other climate zealots, should heed Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s sage advice “You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.” Thank you, Tony, for heeding Moynihan and continually exposing Mann-made data.

    Another green zealot deception needs to be exposed. Green zealots conflate the beginning of the Industrial Age (1760 or so) with the beginning of the upward trend in global temperatures and CO2. Global warming actually began 50-150 yrs BEFORE the Industrial Age, depending upon the temperature series. Climatic minimums occurred between 1600 and 1700 AD, and global temperatures have ratcheted up since then even though the Little Ice Age continued until 1850 or so.

    Furthermore, the Industrial Age little affected atmospheric CO2 until 125-150 yrs AFTER the Industrial Age began. Water was a key energy source during the initial 125-150 yrs. Fossil fuels became major energy sources around 1900. Drake drilled the first oil well in 1859, and decades passed before crude oil production reached significant volumes. The first commercial scale electricity generator spun up in the early 1880s, and water was a major primary source of energy well into the 1900s.

    So, forces other than fossil fuel emissions must have caused much or all of the global warming and changes in atmospheric CO2 between 1600 and 1900. The dates are approximate. That 300 or so years spans 70-75% of the period since 1600.

  3. Caleb Shaw says:


    For the fun of it you should superimpose a graph of the New York Time’s circulation over a chart of how many times they mention Global Warming per issue. The more they blab the fewer people buy it.

    Off topic, but lots on on-the-scene reporting of sea-ice conditions from ships in trouble in the arctic.

  4. Richard Greene says:

    This seems like a simple comparison,
    that anyone could do … but only one
    person did it, which means it is
    a brilliant analysis

  5. AndyDC says:

    The NY Times, is nothing but a Deep State left wing propaganda tool, totally and insanely committed to nullifying the 2016 election. My hope is that it has devolved into an echo chamber for pinko, self serving left wing fanatics, with little following among the rest of the population. We will see in November!

  6. RAH says:

    I was in Ithaca Friday before last picking up at the Borg Warner facility there in the afternoon. It was a mad house. The whole finger lakes region is a favorite summer get away and they were bumper to bumper getting away from the NYC bumper to bumper traffic I guess. Typical butt heads blocking intersections. New Yorkers like to take their own manufactured hells with them you know.

    I made six pickups that day, starting at Orchard Park, NY within sight of the stadium where the Bills play and ending at Emporia, PA. The drive from Ithaca to Emporia was almost all state roads with three digits through the hills. Since that is Elk country I did not relish the thought of driving those winding hilly two lane roads with practically no shoulders in the dark. I made it to Emporia with 8 minutes left on my 14 hour duty day clock in the early evening twilight, did my pick up, pulled to the parking area around the corner from the Sintered metals plant I picked up at, and was asleep in less than 1/2 hour after I parked it. Next morning I took that trailer to the Vandalia, OH terminal and dropped it. Then bobtailed home. When I got home I had 6 hours left on my 70 hour duty clock.

    That fast pace has continued. This weekend I worked both of what are supposed to be my days off. By doing so I have made an extra $1,020.00 of income the last two weeks. It is, however a pace that I have doubts this 63 year old man
    can sustain indefinitely so they better be making some changes because they are working all six of us salary drivers like that right now.

    Now I’m hitting the sack.

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