CO2 Having Difficulty Trapping Heat Today

Climate Reanalyzer

CO2 seems to get distracted during the holiday season.

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19 Responses to CO2 Having Difficulty Trapping Heat Today

  1. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    This is so unbelievable, if the implications weren’t so serious it would be hilarious. The world is led by a pack of morons, the MSM are morons and all those taking suck are zombies.

  2. rah says:

    After this blast of cold we in the east are going to have a nice warm up for a couple weeks. Chances for we here in Indiana having a white Christmas are pretty weak. After the 10-14 days of warmer than average temperatures we’re most likely going to a deep freeze with the temperature anomaly decidedly in the negative territory for the heart of the winter months.

    My neighbor got a new larger snow blower. I offered to buy his old one but he said he’d just give it once he uses his new one and knows his likes it. We were talking about replacing the skid plates on both of the machines. We both have gravel driveways. I suggested UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). He went over to a drawer and pulled out a piece of 1/2 thick material that appeared to be nylon. We’re going to cut and try that. With the nylon we can heat it up and bend it so the front bends up like the shovel tip of a snow ski so it won’t dig in. Though no plastic would last as long as the steel that came on the machines it will be easy to replace quickly. Solid Nylon is pretty tough stuff.

    • rah says:

      BTW though UHMW is tough hard and tough as far as plastics go, part of the reason it works well in certain applications requiring abrasion resistance is it’s lubricity.

      • AZ1971 says:

        rah …… it may say something about my current state of mind, but if one ignores everything before the comma, the rest of your comment has an interesting innuendo quality to it.

        • rah says:

          No I don’t believe that Trojan uses UHMW. One application where it is used extensively is in soy bean and rice processing plants. Rice husks and soy bean shells are surprisingly abrasive. They can wear through 1/4″ thick AR plate in three to four seasons in the big plants which have spouts which handle mega tons of the whole beans or rice.

          • Jason Calley says:

            I seem to remember that some kitchen cutting boards are made of UHMW plastic. If you need UHMW, it may be cheaper and easier to buy a cutting board.

    • Frank K. says:

      Hey Rah – thanks for the tip on the skid plates. I have a MTD Gold snow blower, and the skid plates probably could use replacing. I too have a gravel driveway and it can be a pain to get the blower to move smoothly over the surface, so I’ll check out the polyethylene skid plates. So far, we’ve had a lot more snow than usual here in New Hampshire, and it’s been colder too. The recent storm dumped a lot of wet snow on us (we lost power for a day), then it turned colder and all of that snow froze solid – a real pain for snow blowing! Time to break out the ice melt…

      • Gator says:

        Get yourself a nice 2 stage Poulon! I have had this blower for 10 years and it is awesome, my only regret is that I did not purchase the heated grips.

        • Gator says:

          “Poulan”. (Sheesh!)

          • rah says:

            The one my neighbor bought is pretty good sized with a windscreen and electric start. Can’t remember the brand or HP but I would say it’s about the same size as yours.

            The one he would give me is not a little one either but not as big as what you have. It has worked well for us before in 2 ft of snow though.

        • Frank K. says:

          My MTD Gold has heated grips! :-D

          (But they don’t protect you from below zero wind chills…)

          • Gator says:

            It was an option on my Poulan, but I bought mine brand new at half price through a distributor that went out of business, as is. It used to take me 8-10 hours to dig out by hand, and now only about 90 minutes.

      • rah says:

        I have not tried either nylon or the UHMW but I sure think it is worth a shot based on working with those materials in the past.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      I do not know if this will work farther south where it warms between cold and snow.
      What I do is I pack the first few inches of snow on the gravel with my car. This eliminates blowing gravel. This usually lasts until spring in the middle of Canada. So even the metal plate will not dig in.

  3. Gerald Machnee says:

    Maybe we are short on CO2 today – Minus 25 C.

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