Our Broken Healthcare System

Agree completely Mr. President. Last year I learned how awful our healthcare system is.  I suffered an acute urinary tract condition which sent me to the emergency room several times.  Most of those trips were handled by nurses, but a couple of times I had to see a doctor.

In the months that followed I started getting bill after bill from doctors and other people who I never saw.  The doctors I saw kept wanting me to get surgery, sell me drugs and undergo expensive, invasive diagnostics.  I told them to get lost, and went to see a  Naturopathic doctor in Denver. She told me to take zinc, quit drinking and change my bicycle seat. Cost about $20 and fixed me right up.

We need a healthcare system which is based around prevention and healthy living – not about making profit for insurance companies, doctors and drug companies. And no one should have their life ruined over medical bills. Our current system is broken, and has been for a long time.

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