President Trump – Getting The Job Done!

Angela Merkel is complaining that President Trump is succeeding at doing exactly what he promised to do, and winning the hearts of Europeans in the process.

Angela Merkel: Trump Has Almost Destroyed The ‘New World Order’ – News Punch

Restoring the America which globalists have been trying to destroy for the past 30 years.

23 Feb 1991, 22 – The Ottawa Citizen at

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25 Responses to President Trump – Getting The Job Done!

  1. Norilsk says:

    Thsi is what Merkel’s new world order has accomplished.
    Paris is a Sh*thole

    • arn says:

      So is Stockholm,
      so is Londonistan.

      So is San Fescesco,
      so is Portland.

      Whereever marxism reshitted (progressivism) appears desintegration and desaster is the norm(except the territories the marxistic shitters use to live).

      And polarisation and populism are result of Merkels politics
      as noone voted her to shithole germany with invaders,
      the same with Obama(and i can not believe that more than 0.01% voted him that he enables old geezers to piss in the girls room and i also can’t remember that gay marriage or destroying countries and therefore islamize them were part of his election campaign)

      The sooner those NWO pawns get killed the earlier common sense will return.

  2. Anon says:

    That kind of comment always floors me.

    Who was in charge when Trump rose to power? Who inflamed the working classes in the United States and Europe? It was not the populists, they were not yet even a movement at that point.

    But I suppose this was the reaction of Louis XVI when the French peasants stormed the Bastille: “They are trying to destroy the Monarchy!” Before that was Marie Antoinette’s exclaimed: “Let them eat cake!” when the peasants had no bread.

    Apparently there is no way Merkel can see that it was her (and Obama’s) mismanagement and bad governance that destroyed the “New World Order”.

    Blaming Trump for any of this is just an extension of Merkel’s original inability to see. She still believes she was doing a great job until Trump came along. No doubt Louis XVI thought the same before the Bastille fell.

    The scary question is how did such ignorant people rise to power in the first place?

    • rah says:

      Don’t leave out the EU in your list of the incompetent power hungry globalists. Germany is going to kill it’s own domestic auto industry trying to switch to EVs. The auto industry in Germany is the economic center of gravity and Germany is the economic center of gravity of the EU. The leftists are trying to destroy themselves and if they continue their current path unabated the question is how many lives will they take before they implode.

      • Johansen says:

        If they don’t take-in Muslim auto workers, their auto industry is doomed. Soon your AMG 600 h.p. hand built engine will be signed in Arabic

      • Eric Simpson says:

        We ought to stop importing the overpriced German autos.

        That would basically sink the Bismarck.

        • Johansen says:

          They are made here, already! The solution, I think, is to make MB and BMW and the others BUILD MORE HERE

          • rah says:

            Yes, many models are being assembled here, but only about 25% of the parts that go into them are made here. VW has a huge facility in Chattanooga, TN for example. Delivered there a couple times.

    • GW Smith says:

      Anon – Great post! Nailed it!

  3. Norilsk says:

    You wonder why Hungary and Poland have shut the door to the Islamic horde? The Ottamans came to conquer Europe and impose Islam, but they fought back. The Battle of Vienna of September 12, 1683 was a defining moment. This is a short clip of the Day of the Siege movie. King Jan Sobieski of Poland led a 30,000 strong calvary complete with artillary down Kalenburg Mountain and slaughterd the enemy. The Ottaman Grand Vizier went home after the loss and was executed.

    Poland and Hungary will leave the EU or even go to war before they will allow Islamic migrants.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    There are 3 stock phrases** (likely more than 3) that out to be banned or xxxx-out.
    These are clichés –reason enough not to use them – or they are wrong to begin with, or they don’t mean what the user thinks.
    My list:
    1. Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake!”;
    2. King Canute and the tide; and
    3. Get your head out of the sand (Ostrich reference).


  5. Mr GrimNasty says:

    Angular Merkin’s vision of a ‘new world order’ has never been democratically sanctioned. There has been an attempt to insidiously impose one by stealth.

    The grand vision for a glorious new Reich actually started to unravel when a dangerously deluded woman unilaterally threw open Europe’s borders to Islam, criminals, and economic migrants; then started ordering other European countries to take their ‘share’.

    Populist is just a term of abuse for anyone that beats socialist/liberal extremists democratically, and whereas ‘populists’ respect your right to your views, ‘populist’ views (all others/non-conformists) must be verboten, censored, eradicated, denigrated……

  6. richard says:

    Luckily for the Uk 80% of our trade is services and free of borders oh and 92% of UK business does not even trade with the EU.

    Our Tech industry is now bigger than the finance industry and once again borderless.

    Not so the Eu where the majority of their trade is in manufacturing and relies on borders and trade deals. They are woefully behind us in finance and tech industries.

  7. Psalmon says:

    Merkel looking like she can show up at a ComicCon as this character without even trying…

  8. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    What does she think New World Order meant? A place at the ‘high-table’ for herself and Germany?

  9. Johansen says:

    Los Angeles Times article is misleading…. Bush & Scowcroft didn’t invent the NWO phrase. I think it has been used since Napoleon at least. In the U.S. it has had a sinister “Trilateral Commission-esque” meaning long before Bush was President. What in the sam hill was he thinking, choosing that one?! My image of HW Bush is being wrecked

    • E.M.Smith says:

      Um, you might want to look a bit deeper into old Bush’s history:

      Clinton’s Trilateral Connection

      There may be more than coincidence to the shared views of President Bush and President-elect Clinton. Both are associated with two influential organizations based in New York City – the Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

      George Bush was a member of the Council On Foreign Relations in the 1970’s, when he served in a succession of appointed positions under President Nixon and President Ford. He was director of the Central Intelligence Agency; Chairman of the Republican National Committee; head of the Liaison Office in the Peoples Republic of China; and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Bush remained in the Council even after leaving public office. He ended his membership during his campaign for the Republican nomination for President in 1980, when his CFR connection started to become an issue among conservatives.

      George Bush was among the founding members of the Tri-lateral Commission,
      retaining his connections even while officially “on leave of absence in government service.”

      Bill Clinton is a late-comer to both organizations, being invited to join only in the past couple of years. Nonetheless, he is the third member of the Trilateral Commission to be elected President since the Commission was founded in 1973.

      One ought to expect a founding member of the Trilateral Commission to be in some ways responsible for the “Trilateral Commission-esque” usage…

      • Johansen says:

        Okay, Smith, so you’re wrecking my walled-off garden I’ve been living in. So let me play devil’s advocate: What’s wrong with America, Europe, and Japan running the world? To a WWII-era person, that would seem fairly logical

        • David A says:

          What’s wrong with…!

          Big government socialism is a stupendous fail on a national level, on a global level it will end in global war.

  10. rah says:

    The resistance grows and in Brussels Armored cars marked with an EU flag are brought out to control the protestors.

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