Skiers From 22 Miles

I took these pictures of skiers at the Santa Fe Ski Basin from 22 miles away, on the other side of the Rio Grande. The air was very clear today.


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12 Responses to Skiers From 22 Miles

  1. DCA says:

    Ho. Lee. Cow. !
    Do you have a Hubble lens on that thing?!?

  2. TRM says:

    Love the shot “2018_12_29_17_18_07.png”. It looks like a medieval fortress.

  3. Lasse says:

    Low humidity?

  4. Robertv says:

    Winter is the most beautiful time of the year if you have plenty to eat and a warm place to go. If not it is Hell and the shorter the better.

  5. feathers says:

    Hi Tony,

    It makes me sick to see how the climate change mafia has totally corrupted snow sports at the elite level. The best nordic skiers across the world all lobby/promote the ridiculous “protect our winters” campaign despite data (actual data) that shows snowfall across the northern hemisphere has been trending up over the past 40 years.

    It starts with our government. Thus far I’m very disappointed with the Trump admin on several of these issues. Its not enough to just pull out of the Paris deal, we should have 2-years of reports setting the record straight with actual data, i.e., a National Climate report that sets the record straight about Arctic sea ice, wildfires, sea level rise, annual snowfall totals, # of tornados, # of landfall hurricanes, # of days above 95 F, etc. Without these datapoint presented to the world we remain in the “denier” crowd sitting across the great conspiracy theorists of all time. Enough!

    • R Shearer says:

      On the other hand, no way the Beast would have gotten us out of the Paris agreement.

    • Disillusioned says:


      I hear you. The glacial pace [that pun was not intended] vs. the daily bombardment of propaganda is definitely frustrating. I think President Trump is doing what he can. We do not know what pressure he is under; it must be enormous.

      But, with a hostile House of Representatives in a few days, who knows how much will get done on the climate scam now? My patience has worn thin also.

  6. Steven Fraser says:

    Skied there in the late ’70s, and was very impressed with the range of ski facilities and the slopes. In our group were many first-time skiers, and the area near the main lodge was (IMO) ideal for beginners. Everybody had a successful experience.

    The areas farther upslope were more challenging, formthose so inclined. (Pun intended)

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