Experts : Arctic To Be Ice-Free By 1989

Experts say the Arctic will be ice-free by 1989, and won’t refreeze in the winter.

21 Feb 1969, 3 – The Morning Call at

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8 Responses to Experts : Arctic To Be Ice-Free By 1989

  1. MGJ says:

    Well there’s another year ticked off. I wonder when is the most recent year which WASN’T predicted to be ice-free?

    • Steve Marod says:

      The only way I’ll be confident that the arctic will be ice-free is if climate scientists start predicting expanding ice at the poles.

  2. richard says:

    Sorry, off topic but Soph, 14, is a must watch. The usual fanatics are trying to ban her.

    Here she lays into Greta , from Sweden.

    Start @ 1.37 mins.

    Buzz feed try to do a hatchet job on her but I believe it just increased her views which are topping a million on youtube- probably more than CNN.

  3. Lasse says:

    Expert on what?
    Not on this graph or any thing like it:

    Most intense melting is at July and at a speed of 1 mm/h during a fortnight.
    The average thickness goes from 1,7 to 1,4 meters.(300 mm)
    Indicating an inflow of melting energy of 0,09 kWh/m^2
    The sun gives ice 0,5 kWh/m^2 so it is cloudy conditions as always.

  4. Brian D says:

    Sept 1969 saw a rather large “hole” in the western arctic.

    Russian radar detected ice from the same time catches the western edge of the “hole” in late Aug 1969.

  5. Psalmon says:

    Everybody should see this story about America’s last heavy ice breaker, the 44 year old Polar Star…2018 buying parts surplus on ebay to keep the ship running…this local report from April 2018.

    It is like the USA has become Uruguay.

    According to reports the Star returned to Mare Is in October 2018. I tracked the Star there as of April 29 2019. In drydock every six months means it is barely operational.

    The US has virtually NO ice fleet. In addition to the Star the USCG operates the 13 year old heavy icebreaker Mackinaw on the Great Lakes and out of Seattle the 20 year old medium icebreaker Healy.

    By comparison the Canada CG operates 6 icebreakers and has only one new replacement in the pipeline. Interestingly the Canadian Navy has 6 new med-heavy icebreaker patrol boats in the pipeline over the next several years. The Russian fleet is enormous.

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