Plummeting Heat In The US

The five hottest June 27ths in the US were 1931, 1936, 1934, 1933 and 1901. The likelihood of hot weather has plummeted in the US over the last 90 years.

One hundred degree temperatures used to be common across the US during summer.

But now they are almost always confined to the desert southwest and the Great Plains.

This is why NASA and NOAA have to erase the heat of the 1930s and jack up recent temperatures. Reality completely wrecks their scam.

Lots of hysteria about 100 degree temperatures in France today, but the area of France over 100F (38C) today is about the size of Illinois. On July 28, 1947 all of France was over 90F (32C) and Paris was 105F (41C);

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