Tampering Past The Tipping Point

Yet another round of spectacular data tampering by NASA and NOAA. cooling the past and warming the present.


Going back further, in 1990, the IPCC showed that earth was much warmer 800 years ago, when CO2 was 280 PPM during the Medieval Warm Period.


In 1974, NCAR showed that earth was no warmer than 1870, and was cooling rapidly.

21 Jul 1974, 13 – The Des Moines Register at Newspapers.com

In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences showed approximately the same thing.

1975 National Academy Of Sciences Report

But twenty years ago, Michael Mann rewrote earth’s history, erasing the Medieval Warm Period, and showing that the planet suddenly started heating out of control when CO2 passed 280 PPM in the late 19th century.

The NASA land temperature graph didn’t look much like a hockey stick at the time, showing only about 0.5C warming since the 1860s.

NASA made some progress with their hockey stick by 2017, tripling warming to 1.5C.

Most of this was accomplished by erasing warm temperatures prior to 1880, cooling the past, and warming the present.

NASA has since enhanced their hockey stick even further, showing two degrees warming.

Again, this was accomplished largely by cooling the past and warming recent years.

This graph shows the changes made to the last 30 years temperatures, since 2017.

Impressive data tampering over a two year period when satellites show land temperatures plummeting.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

The next graph overlays all three versions, and how they quadrupled warming primarily by cooling the past and warming the present.

This data tampering was necessary for propaganda purposes, and serves as the basis for the ongoing attempt to destroy our existing energy infrastructure.

Experts say that all warming over the past 140 years is due to humans, which is largely true because the vast majority of it is due to data tampering by humans.

Humans and volcanoes caused nearly all of global heating in past 140 years | Environment | The Guardian

According to climate experts, the tipping point occurred at 280 PPM, which means that in order to stop warming we would have to return to 279 PPM – in other words a return to feudal society.

The progressive vision for the future:

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134 Responses to Tampering Past The Tipping Point

  1. lapogus says:

    Good work Tony. Coincidentally, Clive Best has just posted this analysis of the recent adjustments to HadCRUT4 – http://clivebest.com/?p=8934

  2. -B- says:

    The progressives would never tolerate the anarcho-socialism of Dennis and his friends. They want to control everything everything. The progressives are represented here by King Arthur who claims authority over everyone because reasons. The progressives show up in people’s lives demanding control.

    • Shane williams says:

      why do repubes hate a clean earth, your dickstaster in chief just axed the clean air act officially, you pubes shouldnt be allowed in our National Parks.

      • William Allen says:

        Why do liberals hate facts? Because they hurt their feelings.

        • Reginald says:

          Political Correctness is just organized Anti White hatred.

          Why is the “gift” of diversity, open borders, mass immigration given to White peoples of the world Only?

          Are these White ‘Privileges’?

          When will the supposedly ‘anti racist’ media and governments notice the sadistic torture, rape and murder of minority Whites in South Africa?

          White people have not done anything non whites haven’t. Not slavery, not colonialism, nothing. And if you think they never faced it themselves, ask the Slavs or the Irish.

          anti racist’ is code for Anti White
          diversity’ is code for…

      • The Saint says:

        If YOU eliminate yourself the world would be a cleaner place.

      • James B van Lieshout says:

        Shane, it is absolutely moronic to state that we hate a clean earth. Yes, that is what I want for my 3 grandsons, a polluted earth. If you remove your head from your lower orifice for a moment you will realize it is not capitalist countries who pollute-it is your precious socialist/communist countries who don’t seem to give a s*** about ‘mother gia’.

      • GoldenBear says:

        What an intelligent response!
        Thank you for clarifying the liberal mindset for everyone here.

      • Dave says:

        Apparently you attended one of our fine “pubic” schools because you obviously can’t READ data presented in this article!

      • Bobicus says:

        Nice comment Shane

      • Philburt McNutt says:

        I wonder if “clean air” Shane drives a car, uses a refrigerator, or a washer and dryer, a TV, radio, air conditioning, or a computer.

        Does the hypocritical tool have a computer, or is he logging in at the library?
        Seriously, tool boy, how do you get to the National Parks you profess to be concerned about?

        If proglodytes didn’t have their hypocrisy, they would have little at all. Okay, right. They could still belong to The Church of Unnatural Warming. You know, for the fellowship.

        • SB says:

          Philburt McNutt, you are being rude to Shane, especially in the your opening sentence. Of course Shane is ecologically sensitive. He drives his father’s hand-me-down BMW, he uses his parent’s Viking refrigerator, his mother washes his clothes, he usurps his parents 4k OLED Samsung TV, he doesn’t listen to the radio (ever hear of Spotify?), his bedroom in his parent’s basement is cool without AC, and his Macbook was a present from his grandparents for graduating with his BS degree (in only 7 years!) in Grievance Studies. I think you owe Shane an apology.

      • Joe says:

        Shane, hyperbole is not your strong suite

      • AZ1971 says:

        Why do progressives think that lying, obfuscation, and fascism are acceptable tactics for imposing regressive living standards on good people?

      • William Vanderbrink says:

        Your ignorance of what has happened in the environmental regulatory area is incredible. The Clean Air Act was put into law in 1990. Trump has not axed that LEGISLATION that was passed by Congress.

        Trump is also backing out of another Obama EPA regulatory step called Waters of the United States. That reg made “streams” on private property subject to EPA regulation increasing the costs/permit burden of ANY construction/development.

        What Trump is rolling back is an executive order/EPA regulatory edict referred to as the Clean Energy Plan. That’s the regs that has caused the shut down of about 70% of coal generating plants and encouraged the construction of 100’s of natural gas generating facilities.

      • I've Been Doxxed Already says:

        Typical liberal. Can’t make a factual statement to back up their position and they turn to name calling.

        Thanks for providing the entertainment!

      • Mark says:

        Why can’t propagandists argue with facts instead of name calling?

      • Gator says:

        God leftists are the most ignorant demographic on Earth.

        … Trump administration… rollback of an Obama-era power plant pollution rule

        CO2 is not a pollutant. Period.

        No repeal of the Clean Air Act. Period, and officially.

        There is zero empirical evidence that man made CO2 has caused any warming at all. All observed warming falls well within that of natural variability. And there are mountains of evidence that increased CO2 has benefited mankind and the environment.

        But please, all you ignorant lefties, please do continue loudly illustrating for everyone else exactly why we should ignore you.

      • Galson Prodi says:

        What device did you utilize to post your comment? What are the materials composing said device? How were they retrieved, manufactured, powered, stored, transported, sold and marketed, and re-energized?

      • sunsettommy says:

        Meanwhile YOU Shane, wasted your opportunity to post a counterpoint to Tony’s presentation.

        Which really means you have no idea what is true, as you are too busy being a warmist moron to figure it out.


      • Deni says:

        Have you ever seen photos of the trash left behind after liberal gatherings compared to conservative ones. If you had, you’d know it’s the libs who hate a clean earth. They only pay lip service to it as they do so many things, but they don’t practice what they preach.

      • Fred Kruger says:

        The only dickstaster here is some loser named Shane.

      • Tim says:

        Shane, wake up! Obama isn’t President anymore…

      • Tv says:

        Shane you speak with forked tongue……similar to Pocahontas!

      • The Bobster says:

        Is that all you libtard douchebags have? Insults? I prefer to rely on real science, not junk science.

        BTW, I happen to be a real scientist.

      • Craig Austin says:

        I will stay out of national parks if you can point to the pollutant in the following reaction,
        6CO2 + 6H2O–light energy-> C6H12O6 + 6O2.

      • Dr darby says:

        you are not too bright Zippy. too stupid to.accept facts but swallow anything that fits your small mindset

      • Larry Larkin says:

        Your respiration, and almost every other activity you carry out, puts CO2 into the atmosphere.

        Live your position, and stop respiring.

      • Gypo O'Leary says:

        Why do dumazzcrats believe passing a law to make Al Gore in charge of a ‘carbon market’ that will make him a billionaire is the same thing as making the earth cleaner?

      • Dick says:

        Yes and thanks for your comments you fucking idiot. Did you graduate from second grade?

      • Dick says:

        Yes and thanks for your comments you fucking idiot. Did you graduate from second grade?

      • Olga Guard says:

        Says another foul mouthed moron.

      • Hoss says:

        Homophobic much?

      • Bastiat's Ghost says:

        It’s okay to act like a Nazi as long as you call yourself an Environmentalist.

    • cheddar says:

      They seem to not have a taste for humor. They are so angry all the time.

  3. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    I assume you are aware of this, but others here at RCS may not be. As you point out, they are “cooling the past” however, they apparently now have a problem with the “SLOPES”, as pointed out in Steve Koonin’s last talk:


    See the two graphs on the left of the slide in the link above.

    Yes, they cooled the past, but that has no effect on the “trends”. I was just laughing so hard when I saw this. One thing just dominoes into the next when you begin “adjusting” your data.

  4. GW Smith says:

    Great post, Tony! Keep it up!

    • KevinPaul says:

      x 2 brilliant exposé Tony.
      I just don’t know how that smarmy creepy little Mann sleeps at night knowing the deception he’s perpetrated, but if he’s actually oblivious to his iniquitous behaviour, it exposes what an imposter and shoddy scientist he really is.
      I suspect $$$ means more than integrity, and his epitaph will be a pitful allegory.

      What is really revolting is the way the scientific community stand by his junk science and replicate the deception.

  5. Gerald Machnee says:

    From Quora Digest to make you feel better:

    Who is the most truthful climate scientist in 2019?
    Roger Fjellstad Olsen

    Roger Fjellstad Olsen, Knows the peer reviewed climate science.
    Written Apr 16

    I’ll go for Michael E. Mann:

    New science just in further improves his famous “Hockey Stick”.


    Scientists use proxies (sediments, ice co… Read More »

    • KevinPaul says:

      At least two little problems, the medieval warm period and the little ice age, if their proxie soup obfuscates these, then it’s got to be a con job, and it is, just another example of let’s “hide the decline” boys!

    • Adam says:

      Letting someone else decide for you who is “good” and what is “best”. The de facto definition of a lemming.

    • AZ1971 says:

      “Scientists use proxies (sediments, ice co…”

      Here’s a picture of all the proxies used to prove CAGW:

    • Erdos says:

      You do realize that Quora is as reputable a source as Yahoo Answers, right? Well, maybe not quite as reputable…

  6. The Bluesman says:

    Tony, all I can say is you are a Godsend. I tell all my friends about your website. Some remain my friends while others do not after viewing the truth. Thank you for what you do. Keep up the excellent work!

    • Disillusioned says:

      Some remain my friends while others do not after viewing the truth.

      I hear you Bluesman. Those others who chose to ignore the truth when I presented it to them are the ones who had the audacity to call me an “anti-science climate denialist.”

    • tonyheller says:


  7. arn says:

    The article about the last 140 years explains very well what this propaganda is
    all about.

    Industrialisation and the agenda 2030 deindustrialisation.
    AOC”s new green deal was created exactly for this purpose.
    Designed to fail so that deindustrialisation can happen by coincidence.
    (and i”m pretty sure that climate models can predict dancing gremlins on mars if there is money to be made with)

  8. DP Miller says:

    So there, we have it conclusively that global warming in not about science or climate. Clearly it is about “Progressive” control of the Earth’s populations and resources. No one should be surprised by these shenanigans. They are on par with the Flat Earth Society in foolishness. So many reprobate minds buying into this global warming nonsense will most surely breed a colossal calamity in its own right. What’s amazing is that they just refuse to wake up from their self deception.

  9. Congrats Tony.
    Drudge Report!
    Now maybe people will listen and understand that GW is a DAMN hoax.

  10. Latitude says:

    …you’re on the front page of Drudge again :-D

  11. Gene Cochrane says:

    I suspect that CO2 emissions would go up dramatically if every person on the planet had to BURN wood and dung for their only energy source. I wonder if that has ever been investigated?

    • Merv Savostianik says:

      There will also be vast release of carbon from the billion or two unfortunate human corpses as earth’s population “enjoys the decline.”

  12. Bob Smith says:

    I work amongst a herd of “climate change” promoters, and am trying to figure out a way to “break it to them gently”, but the reality is, they’ll just claim it’s propaganda put out by “denialists” backed by the fossil fuel industry. I don’t know if “realclimatescience.com” is backed by the fossil fuel industry. I don’t really care who backs information, if the information is true.

  13. Charles says:

    Sadly, most believers of Climate Change don’t appear capable of critical thinking and simply regurgitate engineered statistical data that is based on political narrative and NOT science.

    • Tim says:

      Charles, I call it Parroting. They ACTUALLY BELIEVE by not researching it themselves, but simply by regurgitating it, they will somehow be considered intellectual!

    • Mark says:

      Your point, just like Tony’s post, is hilariously incorrect.

      All that one requires to form an educated opinion on climate change is the ability to read and the sense to stick to peer-reviewed scientific literature, where political opinion is absent and data rules.

      If you are able to provide evidence that the 2010 (by Hansen et al.) refinement of the raw data from the past was erroneous, write a paper and submit it to an appropriate conference. Just so you have more targets you could take aim at the data and method in the 2016 (Zeke et al.) or 2019 (Lenssen et al.) approaches. If your argument and supporting evidence stands up, your paper will be accepted and, on such an important issue, one of the major journals will pick it up. There would be a media frenzy and you will be able to fill your schedule with well-paid work presenting your findings all over the world. Most importantly, you would be contributing to the sum knowledge of mankind on a very important issue.

      I mean, if the current approach is significantly erroneous, you should be able to find the issue in their data or a weakness to their method, as both are freely available.

      But this hasn’t happened, and I expect, will not happen.

      Around here, it’s just conspiratorial thinking and name-calling. Reading blogs and forums, where there are no filters preventing schlock from being published, is not research. It’s of negative value. Read the actual papers that have made it past peer review. Most are freely available, and many are digestible by a layperson.

      The truth is that reality crushed your opinions four decades ago. That will only become more obvious as the temperature anomaly widens. Will sound empirical evidence change your minds? Not if the past is any indicator.

      • Andrew says:

        Yes, because so many peers and those who edit the science journals want this information getting any credibility.

        Do you know what peer-reviewing is? It’s a few people that call themselves scientist, circle jerking with each other and calling it good. Peer-reviewed doesn’t mean squat. It’s not confirming like a double or triple-blind study is with large data sets and such.

        Also, the information presented here doesn’t really qualify for peer review. He’s just showing how they have obviously tampered with the data to make it present evidence for the case they are making.

        NASA isn’t the only agency to do this with data. Other government agencies and UN agencies have to promote man-made global warming.

  14. DAVID says:

    Nasa is just the Nsa with an added a

  15. 2ndprotectsall says:

    What’s being done about these liars, are they being fired, stripped of their sheep skins, fined? To whom do they report to and why aren’t they doing something about the lies?

    • B. S. Davis says:

      Trump just doesn’t seem to get control of the bureaucracy. Or his Democrat son in law Jared convinces him not to do anything. The head of the agency who is playing with the numbers should be subpoenaed by the GOP Senate but they are completely spineless and cowed by Democrat media. Plus they simply do not care..

      Trump’s utter failure to take control of the bureaucracy has been something of a disappointment. This should be easy – get someone to head this agency or department and then open up the records for public inspection, and hold public meetings on what was done. Fire and/or transfer those who are responsible and replace them with honest personnel. The first step is putting someone in charge. The second is opening up the records – ALL OF THRM

  16. SGF says:

    I thought this was a great report. Only saw it because it was up on Drudge, but will continue to visit. Thanks for your work.

  17. Truth Detector says:

    Great website. Thanks for the facts exposing the alt-left’s fakery.

    There is no faith so great as the so-called “climate scientist’s”.

    When the data support your theory, why exaggerate it?

  18. Katlyn says:

    NOAA and NASA need more exposure revealing the corruption they propagate.

  19. Post Your Source says:

    Can you post your sources for this information?

    A google doc drive isnt really a reliable source on its own.

  20. flyfisher111 says:

    I continue to find it be absolutely amazing that government agencies can determine temperatures to tenths of a degree 50 years ago, when they cannot predict weather 2 days from now with any accuracy.

    I continue to call BS!

  21. Blake Davis says:

    Trump is now in charge. He now runs this department through his subordinates. Why doesn’t appoint someone who can open up the records for inspection, order disclosure of this crooked methodology, fire or transfer the corrupt people who did this, and just generally straighten it out? It isn’t hard to do – just get the right person in there and do it!

    Also the GOP Senate can hold a hearing on this and subpoena the underlying documents- why doesn’t the spineless GOP leadership ever fight back? Are they all as corrupt as Democrats?

  22. Shane williams says:

    LOL at you republicans , why create a better world for nothing? You pubes are deploarable at best, pushing even further right to hateful rhetoric and destruction of our environment for special interests, trump and McConnel are right smack dab in the middle of the corruption and $ from lobbyist.

    • Richard Kimmell says:

      Vitriolic name calling, but no refutation of the information presented in the OP? Typical.

    • Mike V says:

      Policies you support will not create a better world. Your ilk will have us wasting billions upon billions of dollars on a wild goose chase, to no avail. Turning over our personal liberties to your worshiped politicians so they can save us from ourselves. No thanks, think I’ll keep what’s mine. Guessing you are some young kid who’s had this beat into his head since he was born, or a political ideologue who wants socialism so bad he can taste it. Either way, you can take your self righteous bullshit elsewhere.

    • Robert Haas says:

      Why reply to Shane williams? He has not shown any interest in having a discussion or investigating whether or not there is something to learn here. He’s only a bomb-thrower.

      Ignore him.

    • The Bobster says:

      Quit spamming this site, loser! Are you afraid you’re going to loser your junk science grant?

  23. tom Johnson says:

    We all know this climate warming is bullshit. The sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling……

  24. Jeff Mason says:

    Science: If the observed data conflicts with the predictive model, then the model is wrong and must be adjusted.

    Climate “science”; If the observed data conflicts with the predictive model, then the data is wrong and must be altered or deleted.

    In short, who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes?

  25. Shawn says:

    The Liberal Socialist Democrat Party of Lies are everywhere. In politics, in climate, in healthcare, in what we eat, in predicting doom for more than the 68 years I have been around. If our Nation used to stand for “Truth and the American way”. Unfortunately is appears that the new mantra will be “Lies and the Socialist way”. Nothing will ever be done because we grease the squeaky wheel even if the squeak is only a hand full of folks. Our media for the most part has let us down–they have sold out but I have not. To me Truth is the Only Way.

  26. Joe says:

    Is there a way to link this to facebook? I don’t see a button

  27. Revelations 3:9 says:

    All funded by the ashkeNAZI owned Federal Reserve Bank and the 98% ashkeNAZI run ‘news’ media!

  28. j says:

    Where d you buy your tinfoil hats?

  29. Bubba says:

    Well of course the data is racist, sexist, misogynistic, fascist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, full of micro-aggresions, privileged and just plain wrong. So it is OK to correct it.

  30. Osamas Pajamas says:


    “If an age is imbued with an error, some always derive advantage from the error, while the rest have to suffer from it.”
    — Max Stirner

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Women and orphans hardest hit!

    The planet has been “cooling” for at least the past 20 years, or so — the recent cook-the-books massage job by NOAA notwithstanding. And the so-called “experts” have never “once” demonstrated, recorded, or proven human causation for “any” global warming — it’s all been projections based on computer models subject to bad historical data, divergent / incompatible or inconsistent instrumentation, exaggeration and the-sky-is-falling alarmism, and manipulation-for-profit — for taxpayer-paid government grants, carbon-credits schemes, and studies required by environmentalist wacko government regulations. Climate change occurs — this is “old news” — and human action has never been proven the cause of climate change.

    The anthropogenic [“man-made”] global warming religion has proven very profitable for those who own the religion and who drag around by the rings in their noses the useful idiots, airheads, and drooling, googley-eyed, bobble-headed sycophants who have an intense itch to be followers, “a part of a cause bigger than themselves” — who project an arrogant condescension onto ignorant [unbrainwashed] dissidents.

    Contemplate Gaseous Al Gore — that lying sack of nevermind and doomsday cult Chairman Of The Apocalypse — who sold his failed global-warming alarmist TV station to Al Jazeera — a propaganda arm of some murderous oil dictatorship, somewhere out there in Kaboomistan.

    Now, didn’t Al Gore buy a 6,500 square-foot, $9 million, very-high carbon-footprint mansion in Montecito — “only” 480 feet above sea level where it is sure to be inundated by the HUGELY TOWERING WAVES of polar ice cap melt celebrated in scare-em-silly fictional environmentalist quack movies — if his boolsheet theory of man-made global warming actually proves true to reality? And this is in addition to his 10,000 square-foot mansion in Tennessee, another huge carbon footprint! And hasn’t OhBummer already bought the ocean-front Magnum-PI property in Hawaii? His bloody “rising seas” ought to swamp and drown him — else he is a lying hypocrite.

    I have no problem with people becoming fabulously rich in the capitalist system, but the stink of hypocrisy of Gaseous Al Gore — that lying fascist skunk — is annoying. He must be laughing up his sleeve at all the idiots who have enriched him through his scam, his hoax, his fraudulent religion — man-made global warming.

    So desperate now are the profiteers of his nutty religion that they are resorting once again to Hollyweird for scary big-screen movies and TV shows to carry their lunatic propaganda.

    They turn scientific method on its head, demanding that skeptics prove “that there is not” any man-made global warming, but no one is obliged to prove any such thing — for the same reason that we are not obliged to prove that the moon “is not” made of green cheese.

    It tells me something useful about opposing the former OhBummer dictatorship when my reference to the moon and the green cheese was hijacked for an OhBummer speech. Possibly his speech was written by Biden The Magnificent, that lobotomized serial plagiarist who served as OhBummer’s principal criminal accessory.

    The ecofascists, ecofreaks, and enviromaniacs? Defy them or ignore them. Let’s just focus on ensuring clean air and clean water.












    • R Morgan says:

      Entertaining and well done essay on the Cult of Gore. Luckily in a hundred years or so, he will eventually disappear in the history books with the likes of Edison (DC current is better), Charles Duell (“everything that can be invented has been invented.”), and then there is the EPA “As a nation, Americans have been reluctant to accept the prospect of physical shortages. We must recognize that world oil production will likely peak in the early 1990’s, and from that point on will be on a declining curve. By the early part of the 21st century, we must face the prospect of running out of oil and natural gas.”
      — 1977 US Department of Energy Organization Act”

      Con men come and go, Al was smart enough to see a money making scheme and we have to give him credit for that.

  31. vance riley says:

    Stalinist pure and simple

  32. John W. Nelson says:

    How much regard for “science” can one expect from the same people who insist the likes of Bradley Manning are “women”, and who supported handing over the fossilized remains of “Kennewick Man” to a modern Native American Tribe for destruction?

    Galileo would be appalled at today’s liberals and leftists.

  33. AL Tru says:

    Read ” The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysmic Events”. 1966 book by Chan Thomas. Two floods…9,500 years ago and 11,000 years ago.
    The Earths poles shifted. Mass Extinction Event in one day.

    I wouldnt sweat global warming.

  34. Dick says:

    We are helpless in trying to educate the population. The hoax will prevail, our country will decline and it’s probably best to move. There is too much money and control available for anything but the progressive agenda to succeed.

  35. Mark Metzger says:

    While every third page in the kids school books make some reference to Global warming and climate change. Our kids are being completely brainwashed.

    • Alan Pike says:

      Do what I did. show them how to find and recognize data. Show them how to dig out facts.

      Teach them not to trust anyone…science can not prove anything true. It can only say this is not wrong yet.

      The most important thing I ever did was teach my children to not trust anything proclaimed by News Reporters until they could independently verify.

  36. Gil Barrett says:

    For anyone who hasn’t watched Tony Heller’s videos, please take the opportunity to do so. His fact based approach to presenting the truth is refreshing and much welcomed.

    You can currently watch his video posts on YouTube. Hopefully that doesn’t change. What I find somewhat offensive, is that YouTube imposes itself on anyone posting anything on Climate Change that disagrees with their point of view. It references you to Climate Change as appearing in Wikipedia.

    Keep up the great work Tony and thank you for keeping us up with the truth.

  37. Todd says:

    It’s shocking how little mankind has progressed since the Dark Ages. Yes, we have cooler toys, and science has resulted in a safer environment where populations and standards of living have exploded. Unfortunately, the corrupt nature of man has remained the same. True education is on the decline. Universities have gone from bastions of free speech to authoritarian indoctrination centers. Governments are abandoning respect for individual liberty. Elite progressives are a hair’s breadth away from demanding to be referred to by self appointed titles. Most telling is the modern progressive’s inability to tell the difference between boys and girls. How many millennia have passed since that was last a problem?

  38. ball says:

    lets just say the so called science has left the building on truth! it all started when the government and the un took over the science, it has become a tool to redistribute wealth and a means to a end for a one world government! it also comes down to grant money to do research. if you believe you get cash if your a heretic no cash and labeled a fraud! i know where i live and have seen cooler and cooler summers by almost 2-3 degrees lower! back in the 70’s it was getting so hot it melted the tar on the roads, today none of that all while they keep saying it’s getting hotter! my thoughts we are heading into a mini or the big one ice age and since this takes a while we can be sure while we bundle up it’s getting hotter everyday from the believers!

  39. Kevin Vogts says:

    Are there any peer-reviewed studies that justify such “adjustments” to past temperature data?

    • Tsf says:

      Doubtful that anything like that would get published nowadays.

      • ::tsf says:

        Found these:

        Easterbrook, D. (Ed.). (2016). Evidence-based climate science: Data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming. Elsevier. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/C2015-0-02097-4

        There is also this:
        On the Validity of NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU Global Average Surface Temperature Data & The Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding: Abridged Research Report


        Basically, the authors report the temperatures have been consistently manipulated (rounded down to cooler data in the past) and that the rounding down of past temps accounts for all the current warming estimates. In other words, estimates of warming are not based on hotter temperatures, but by systematic and consistent lowering of past temperatures. And this report does not look at the past few years like this post, but rather by decades as far back as 1800s.

  40. Jeffrey S Gee says:

    How are politicians supposed to convince the lemmings to pay for their mansions, private jets, heated pools, SUVs, and yachts if they don’t come up with a reason to impose higher taxes based on false data; while the rest of us live in dire squalor???

  41. Jay Johnson says:

    The key to dispensing with the Climate Change scam is to insist that government go first. When government gives up extremely polluting war and preparations for war, then, and only then, can they approach us with this nonsense. Until then, they can f* off!

    Government first!

  42. Robert Williams says:

    The article shows how the data was shifted but doesn’t say how the revised data was justified. I’m sure some rationale was offered.

  43. Babaloo says:

    Mann-Made Gore-Bull warming takes one right on the chin! Thanks, Tony, especially for your brilliant way of clearly presenting the blatent fraud behind the scam.

    The Control Freaks and “rent-seekers” (thanks, Britt’s, for that excellent term) behind this hoax don’t care about “climate.” They want Control over everything, and $$$. “I know, why don’t we tax the AIR?” They said. And almost succeeded…

    “It is much easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled.” –Mark Twain

  44. Bob jones says:

    This tampering has been known for years, as is the inevitable “data trap” they will find themselves in when reality can no longer be squared with the increasingly fabricated.

  45. papershreddee says:

    Facinating. The predominant disposition is a strong dislike of a group called “liberals” or some derogatory derivative. Not what I see in other science discussions.

    That is a lot of effort avoiding imperical review.

    I don’t need an argument, but you all seriously need to review the origins of your motivations and potential untenable outcomes.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      “That is a lot of effort avoiding imperical [sic] review.”

      True. That’s how I would describe the effort of typing a 3-paragraph comment without a single reference to the actual subject of the post.

  46. Pepper says:

    But But But 97% of scientists say AGW is real! Oh my what to do?!

  47. Genava says:


    I try to do the same thing than you, as you did in your datasheet in the Google Drive, but the 2019 version of the data I downloaded from NASA for the GISTEMP with only the meteorological stations data is different than yours. Do you have a link for the data you downloaded? Simply to check and verify.

    Here your data and mine:

    It gives me a different result than yours:

    • Genava says:

      Sorry, wrong copy paste for the first picture, here the comparison with my data and yours:


      • Genava, you must be looking at a different data set. I’ve looked at the ‘freshly downloaded data from NASA’ and it agrees with Tony’s. The last few numbers are

        2016 1.46
        2017 1.35
        2018 1.20

        It is the one labelled
        “Annual Mean Temperature Change over Land and over Ocean”

        • Nick Stokes says:

          You are missing Genava’s point. Look at the last image he posted. There are four columns. Column 2, labelled 2019 version, is indeed the current version of the Land average, as listed here. Column 4, also labelled 2019 version, is the 2019 version of the met Stations only global index, Ts, listed here. Column 3 is indeed, as Genava says, the 2017 version of Ts, as listed on the History page. And column 1, labelled 2017 version, is identical to 3.

          Tony has plotted column 1 against column 2, saying the difference represents data tampering. But they are two different things, “2017” being the Met Stations index for the whole globe, and “2019” being a Land average. They come from 2 different GISS sources, and represent averages over different regions. Columns 3 and 4, which show much less difference, are the proper comparison of like with like. You can also, if you go to the wayback machine, get a 2017 version of the land average. They are different to the numbers in column 1.

          • Gator says:

            Nick, the data has been tampered with, and no amount of hand waving changes this. Quit lying. I for one (like many, many others) normally tune you out because of your blatant dishonesty. This is the same problem that plagues the grantologists at the trough, and is why the populations of the world reject CAGW. We have real problems, but climate change is not one of them.

            Start being honest, and we will start listening again.

          • Michael Kueny says:


            Im swimming in all of this. Can you do me a favor and link to the download sites Geneva is talking about? I have gone to other download sites and I am not certain of anything I am looking at. Sorry for my amateurish request. Its just that I dont know where to start with this temperature record stuff and once I get there, I don’t know what means what. Thanks in advance for any help.


          • Nick Stokes says:

            I’ve written a blog post on the matter here. It describes and plots the relevant datasets. At the bottom I have linked all the various sources. I have also appended a .csv file here which has the numbers. The data are
            1. GISS Land average (2019 and 2017 versions)
            2. GISS Ts (Met Stations only) index (2017 and 2019 versions).

  48. Just in case anyone thinks that Tony is making this up (sorry, but Nick Stokes tried to claim this on another blog), here is Sato’s own web page.


    In the second batch of graphs there is one labelled ‘Land surface temperature difference v4 – v3’ which swings upward during the inconvenient pause era, 2000-2010

  49. Bill Price says:

    Ice Core Data refutes NOAA CO2 AGW Hoax .
    Certainly, Climate has changed and Temperature has risen since the last Ice Age (Glaciation) but facts show man-made CO2 didn’t cause it.
    NOAA has: – artificially warmed the temperature record (by blowing AC exhaust on gauges etc. See Watts) – posted a Fake picture with “No Ice on Arctic Ocean” (See Google Earth) – presented Ice Core Graph backward to misinform officials ( UNC IMS) – prescreens CO2 readings on Mona Loa based on wind and local tropical volcano conditions that distorts atmospheric CO2 record; and uses manipulated Data and Computer Models to promote theoretical AGW. Why?
    However Ice Core facts prove: – earth has experienced 4 cycles of CO2 , Temp. and Climate over the past 420,000 yrs. – man had no affect on past higher temperatures – for the past 10,000 y ( 9,800 yrs. before man’s industry) CO2 rose as in past, but Temp. stalled 3˚C lower than past highs; therefor, neither CO2 nor Temp. forces the other to rise, disproving NOAA’s entire CO2/ AGW hoax.
    Ice Cores also suggest we are at end of a Natural Climate Cycle.
    Why is there no scientific research or concern about this?
    Sad…. Dangerous and sad. BP

  50. carey Mitchell says:

    How anyone can expect us to place credibility in data that supposedly represents temperature thousands of years ago is beyond me – admittedly I am no statistician – but I recall the first day of a statistics class in 1965: “there are liars, damned liars and statisticians.”

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