US Reached Peak Oil In 1943

07 Jun 1943, Page 8 – Bradford Evening Star and The Bradford Daily Record at

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10 Responses to US Reached Peak Oil In 1943

  1. toorightmate says:

    They were only out by one or two hundred years, which is a damn sight more accurate than tree rings and ice cores.

  2. Psalmon says:

    Aramco revised reserves higher in January of this year.

    Aramco has been pumping 10 Mbbls of oil a day…FOREVER. And they just have more and more and more…it’s endless and there is good reasons to believe it is renewable not finite.

    • Johansen says:

      Hundreds of billions of Bbls in known reserves! And a production cost of $4 a Bbl!

      Got to keep in mind, tho, they are trying to go public and need to hype things up… but hundreds of billions of Bbls just in Saudi/Kuwait… that’s a lotta oil

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    The paper shown is from Bradford, PA.
    Relatives in that area were in the drilling/oil business.
    Uncle Andy, a driller, lived 11 miles south of Bradford.
    I never got to go with him.
    Uncle Foster managed a hillside of pumpjacks. (6 miles east)
    I went with him when he was draining the tanks of water.
    Wild Leeks were growing on that hillside. My aunt Helen
    would give me a bag to fill as I walked along. I was about 7.

    An aside: from the same area, a story about WWII munitions
    bombs, mortar shells and fuses during World War II. Fifteen hundred people worked there, 24 hours a day

  4. arn says:

    Off topic but on youtube is a nice video
    “New Sun Driven cooling period of earth not far off”

    The interessting stuff starts at min. 7.15,
    but the first 7 minutes aren’t bad either.
    Maybe someone can link as i can not from my device.

  5. TEH says:

    I live 10 miles south of Bradford, PA and have watched and studied the history of the local oil and gas fields. It was and still is amazing.

  6. jdh says:

    The big reserve numbers are cooked for political and financial purposes. While it sounds like a lot, the stated reserves are only a seven year world supply. More likely one or two, realistically. There are new discoveries every year, but oil is just generally getting harder and more remote. We already used the easy oil. I believe oil is indeed renewable, but not in hundred year cycles-more like tens of thousands of years. I contract work in some of the Weld County, Colorado shale sites and I can tell you they are not sustainable. They involve drilling up to two miles down and a mile or two horizontally. The drilling costs are a lot more than $4 and the production decline rate is 25-30 percent in the first twenty months. That means more wells are needed to offset the decline from the previously drilled wells. Clearly a fools game. If you are counting on oil for your children and grandchildren you are going to be disappointed.

    • Gator says:

      My concerns for our children and grandchildren have nothing to do with energy resources or climate, but the very real and existential threat of severe deficits of liberties. We once faced shortages of wood and whale oil. Ignore the hand waving idiots.

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