US To Run Out Of Oil By 1976

03 Aug 1966, Page 20 – The Brandon Sun at

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  1. rah says:

    And then the Peanut Farmer schooled us on our “shrinking resources” April 18, 1977.

    We’ve been lied to so many times by elected officials and yet now the younger generation and some of the older dumbass dupes, still believe them and accept what they say without bothering to check out the veracity of their claims.

    Today the US is BY FAR the largest producer of oil and NG. Texas alone is producing more oil than Russia.

  2. rah says:

    And then there was “the one” who told us we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.

  3. Jdh says:

    He missed it by a bit, not anticipating the technology that made oil sands and fracking possible. Won’t hold out forever though. World is toast without oil.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      True. He extrapolated the numbers in a robust and scientifically unimpeachable manner.

      Another forward-looking thinker wise in the ways of science wrote on April 17, 1870:

      As the US Population reaches toward the astronomical total of 40 million persons, we are reaching the limits of the number of people this earth can support. If one were to extrapolate current population growth rates, this country in a hundred years could have over 250 million people in it! Now of course, that figure is impossible – the farmland of this country couldn’t possibly support even half this number. But it is interesting to consider the environmental consequences.

      Take the issue of transportation. Currently there are over 11 million horses in this country, the feeding and care of which constitute a significant part of our economy. A population of 250 million would imply the need for nearly 70 million horses in this country, and this is even before one considers the fact that “horse intensity”, or the average number of horses per family, has been increasing steadily over the last several decades. It is not unreasonable, therefore, to assume that so many people might need 100 million horses to fulfill all their transportation needs. There is just no way this admittedly bountiful nation could support 100 million horses. The disposal of their manure alone would create an environmental problem of unprecedented magnitude.

      H/T Coyote Blog

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