Would A Jedi Hide In His Basement For Two Months?

Joe Biden spent the last two months hiding in his basement, and Mark Hamill thinks he is like a Jedi warrior.

But good to see him adopting the 1988 Dukakis campaign strategy.

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11 Responses to Would A Jedi Hide In His Basement For Two Months?

  1. arn says:

    Joe Biden will leave the basement,
    as soon as he finds the door.

    And don’t forget the wise words of Joe Biden for POC:

    “If you don”t vote for me ,you ain’t black”

    “Poor children are as smart as white children”

  2. TimC says:

    Hamill is right about one thing: Red46 is an accurate description of Biden’s campaign. Is that a hammer and sickle on his helmet?

  3. Thaipixie says:

    Hammil is Dick… he let the woke witches turn his character into a simp for the feminista that is why star wars is failing.. As for Biden…………… uhhh …………… fatty you are nothing but a dog faced pony soldier…. wanna go outside…. you mean nothing to me …….

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Would A Jedi Hide In His Basement For Two Months?


    Mark Hamill to moderate $500-a-person ‘Joe-bi Wan’ fundraiser, says Biden ‘our only hope!’ (19 Jun)

    That wretched hive of scum and villany Mos Eisley has nothing on Hollywood.

  5. Aussie says:

    Biden’s handlers know that if he gets off the leash his bad temper and continuous gaffes will wreck the image they have been trying to build.

    Similarly they were suggesting zoom style debates as he can have the team feeding him the answers via teleprompter. Again trying to craft an image which is different from the unfortunate reality.

  6. OldFogey says:

    I’m confused. What does this article have to do with Climate Change?

    Tony, do yourself a favour and delete this article. It’s not doing your crusading any good – just alienating you from half the population of the USA.


  7. a4nal says:

    Do NOT listen to OldFogey. Keep writing on any topic that interests you.
    Although I look forward to your take on the environmental and climate ‘leftists’ I also enjoy your articles on ‘the virus’ and politics.

  8. Joel says:

    Biden. What a wonderful man. He s th ood behind Obama on everything. He is reall god at standing behind things. Would he ever:
    Stand behind the Flag?
    Stand for prosecution of those who riot and loot in a crisis? He was a big law and order guy back in 1994. But not now.
    Own up to prior corruption involving his son receiving money from foreign corporations? …while Biden was in charge of foreign relations with those very same countries. Um, no.

  9. cookieboy says:

    I don’t know why Trump doesn’t hire a band of minstrels
    To follow Joe -like in Monty Pythons holy grail- singing
    “Brave Brave Sir Biden!”

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