COVID Lockdowns Have Had No Impact On Atmospheric CO2

The Green New Deal has arrived, and it has nothing to do with either CO2 or climate. The rate of growth of atmospheric CO2 has not been affected by lockdowns or destruction of the airline industry.

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

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23 Responses to COVID Lockdowns Have Had No Impact On Atmospheric CO2

  1. arn says:

    Reality and truth have always been the biggest enemies of communism,
    that’s why we always get results that contradict the official narrative of the ministry of truth.

    In the long run we may find out that the only thing that goes all along with rising co2 levels in our atmosphere is the sea level rise,
    and both are rising in overall terms very slowly and in a very insignificant way.

  2. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    CO2 outgassing from warming oceans?
    That would be my guess.

  3. Gummans Gubbe says:

    The problem is that the 0.0001% was aware already. The 1% just do what they are told. Maybe 5% cares. The rest hopes that if they do what they are told they may continue surf the web for another year.

  4. Bob Vick says:

    Did You Tube block you, your page there shows no new post for a “week”?

  5. Cathy Norman says:

    Thank you for pursuing the truth despite persecution!

  6. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere accords with queuing theory. Molecules arrive in the queue at a certain rate and they are processed at a certain rate into cellulose, starch, sugars, carbonates, etc.

    If the rate of processing of carbon dioxide molecules exceeds the rate of arrival, the number of molecules in the queue will decrease. The converse is also true, that is, if the rate of processing of carbon dioxide molecules is less than the rate of arrival, the number of molecules in the queue will increase.

    Over the last (approx) 40 years we are told by NASA that plant leaf area has increased by an area approximately equal to two continental USAs. Leaf area for the same amount of sunlight is proportional to the rate that plants process carbon dioxide so the rate at which land-based plants are consuming carbon dioxide has increased by somewhere between 8 and 16% (if someone knows more precisely the percentage your comment would be most appreciated). This phenomenon of increasing “leaf” area would have also occurred in the oceans where phytoplankton reside and are the most prolific provider of oxygen to the earth’s biosphere.

    From this, one must conclude, the percentage increase in consumption of carbon dioxide, as a consequence of the “greening” of the earth, far exceeds the total contribution of mankind which is estimated to be around 4%. In other words, with this increased “greening”, carbon dioxide levels should be falling, not rising. Logically, as has been further demonstrated by the graph and argument Tony has provided here, this increase in concentration must be from something other than mankind’s contribution.

    As a final note, up to now, the increase in carbon dioxide appears to have been very good for the planet and for all life living on it. It is not something any sane person should strive to reduce.

  7. WCK says:

    The Earth, like a bottle of soda is a closed system, and like a bottle of soda it’s CO2 level is ENTIRELY dependent upon the relative concentrations of CO2 in either medium AND the temperature. When taking into account the insignificant CO2 that man introduces, it is much more likely that the continuous and UNinterrupted rise is a delayed response to a temperature change between the ocean and the air. If Creepy Joe take the office of President we can look forward to paying a TRILLION dollars a year to the resto of the world as reparations for success, another lockdown for a virus with a hyped up “lethality” no different than the flu, MORE reparations to people that have been conditioned by the welfare system to NOT be successful, AND the destruction of the finest energy systems in the world today. Labeling CO2 a “pollutant” was a criminally STUPID thing to do (O’Biden team), it IS required for life to thrive.

    • D. Boss says:

      WCK says “earth is a closed system”. This is false both from an energy perspective and mass/matter perspective!

      The earth’s energy budget is an open system, receiving energy from solar radiation, and cosmic radiation, and gravitational energy of the other bodies in the solar system, and the nearby galaxy as a whole. It dissipates energy continuously back into the vacuum of space.

      ANYONE who attempts to apply the Conservation principles to the earth, is in fact performing nonsense or lying. (almost all Climate modeling assumes conservation and a closed system) See here:

      “The conservation laws are exact for an isolated system.”

      “An isolated system implies a collection of matter which does not interact with the rest of the universe at all – and as far as we know there are really no such systems.”

      Earth is not isolated in terms of energy. Nor is it isolated in terms of matter – we receive some 100 to 300 tonnes of cosmic dust and rocks per day, and loose similar amounts of atmospheric gases per day, primarily H and He but other gases get lost too. (stripped by solar wind, or lost because gravity cannot hold on tight enough for the H and He cases)

      The whole CO2 myth and hysteria is really like saying too much life is a bad thing, because all life on this planet is carbon based. And CO2 is THE Primary building block of that life. Plants “eat” CO2 and make the foods for all higher life forms, and also make the oxygen all of the rest of life requires.

      The founders and even current figureheads of this Climate Change Cult, state as much openly – that earth’s population of humans must be reduced, and the “greens” have in fact killed more people in the past 120 years than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the rest of the totalitarian regimes.

      The Climate Change Cult is a means to usher in a Totalitarian global system, they even call it the “great reset”, now using Covid as the fear motivation to make everyone into sheeple.

  8. Jeff Ulrich says:

    I was wondering when someone would point this out. Look what happened to the rate of increase in March and April when people stopped flying. Nothing.

  9. Rory Forbes says:

    Hello Tony,
    I have been a long term subscriber to your channel and am now reading your contributions via this site. I have also been banned by YouTube. I tried to sign up with Parler so I can follow your articles there, but apparently I must have a mobile phone number to sign up. Pity.


  10. Sam Khoury says:

    CO2 is good for the environment. with a solar minimum bearing down, the more CO2 the better.

  11. Torsten Persson says:

    I appreciate your presentations very much. I would appreciate if you make a mathematical analysis of the 12 month average curve from Maona Loa. You have stated several times that the rise is exponential. This is hardly the case. A numerical study shows that there is a basic linear trend superimposed by a small increase proportional to the emission of carbon.
    It seems more correct to say that the growth is slightly of second order of time t.

    K = A + Bxt + Cxtxt

    B represents the outgassing of the warming sea. This seems to be constant for at least the last 50 years.

    Hope you understand. I am not capable of printing mathematical formulas in this field.

    Torsten Persson

  12. thurman Zhou says:

    See those dips in the yearly co2 levels? They exceed the yearly co2 output while man is still producing it. People run air conditioners, drive cars, forest fires, make concrete among other things. And no increased plant uptake in the NH can’t do that in that short of time. Nor can it put it all back with with an increase. There is also something else that’s wrong. There is no growth in the amount of co2 per year. Instead of the 2 ppm/v increase per year it should be 3 – 5 ppm/v per year. The medium line should be sloping at an angle greater than 45 degrees.

  13. Scarface says:

    It’s all about control. Make people believe their CO2 causes global warming and everyone to fry and to drown. Make people believe living free is dangerous and causes your family and friends and everybody else to die from the flu. It’s just the same BS.

  14. scott allen says:

    I copied this from the Mauna Loa CO2 website on why they can’t find the missing CO2.

    “Here is an example: If emissions are lower by as much as 25%, then we would expect the monthly mean CO2 for March at Mauna Loa to be lowered by about 0.2 ppm, and again in April by another 0.2 ppm, etc. Thus, when we compare the average seasonal cycle of many years we would expect a difference to accumulate during 2020 after a number of months. The International Energy Agency expects global CO2 emissions to drop by 8% this year. Clearly, we cannot see a global effect like that in less than a year. In addition, the fires are producing CO2 at perhaps a similar rate as the modest lowering of emissions resulting from the pandemic.”

    So even if there is an 8% drop in man made CO2 emissions over an 11 month time frame, NOAA claims it couldn’t detect it (even though they claim to be able to measure CO2 down to a hundredth of a mole fraction) and if they could, well then they blame the fires in California that made up the missing CO2.

    Next they will blame the dog for chewing up their homework.

  15. Scarface says:

    Hi Tony,

    How can it be that for this post on the homepage it says to have 16 comments and the post itself shows 13?

    Best regards,

  16. Weylan McAnally says:


    Thanks for posting the article on Nov 7 about CNN showing the election fraud in real time. However, now I cannot find the post on this site. What happened to it?

    The accompanying video was quite interesting to me since it discusses voter fraud in the Dallas area in 2018. In 2018, a few House seats in red areas were shockingly flipped from red to blue. The video explained very clearly the methods of vote manipulation.

    The man interviewed for the video, Russ Ramsland, produced an affidavit for the Trump campaign in Michigan. This affidavit was featured this morning on The Gateway Pundit. I emailed The Gateway Pundit about Mr. Ramsland about 10 days ago after viewing the video from your post.

    Well done.

  17. rah says:

    Just COVID lockdowns? It is apparent that decades of mitigation efforts and trillions of dollars of wealth squandered have not had any noticeable effect in slowing the rate of rise of atmospheric CO2!

    • arn says:

      To implement communism(=total controle)
      you have to absorb all the wealth,
      be it by lockdowns or a worldwide tax,
      by the imf or worldbank
      as poor and dependent people are easy to controle.

      In 1764 the masters of the city of London told the UK parliament to
      pass the currency act,which imposed heavy taxes in america.
      As result the first great depression happened and many many people were unemployed(=covid lockdown,green new deal etc)
      Reaction was the independence of your country in 1776.

      In return the lords of the city of london infiltrated the US money system with the first&second national bank
      which was ended by Andrew Jackson who almost got assassinated in return((the next US president who went after this banking cartell and its most powerful globalist tool(cia) with
      EO 11110 was shot.
      The CiA is the successor of the OSS which was created for britain.
      That’s why the cia has been working together with british intelligence since the beginning to take down/remove unwanted state leaders for the sake of the royalties and the rothschild(removal of mossadeq in iran
      by cia/mi6&kermit roosevelt for the sake of BP which is owned by those families)

      It does not matter what the disguise/method is,
      the results are always the same.
      More centralised power and controle for the very same global organisations.

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