Keeping The Denialists At Bay

In 2013, the IPCC couldn’t account for the lack of warming, and alarmists were worried that their climate scam was in jeopardy.

“Although climate models have been predicting increasing average global temperatures over the next century or so, the past decade has not shown as much warming as most scientists had expected. The year 2012 was no warmer than 2002. The IPCC draft report acknowledges a “global warming hiatus,” according to media reports.”

Does “Global Warming Pause” Debate Miss Big Picture?

Climate Scientists Face Crisis Over Global Warming Pause – SPIEGEL ONLINE

“”I think to not address it would be a problem because then you basically have the denialists saying, ‘Look, the IPCC is silent on this issue,'” said Alden Meyer of the Washington-based advocacy group Union of Concerned Scientists”

Climate report struggles with temperature quirks – US News and World Report

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8 Responses to Keeping The Denialists At Bay

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    Climate deniers, i.e. real scientists, don’t accept data manipulation as legitimate. If you have a systemic error, it should affect the data across the entire set. Trends will still be discernible, although the absolute values may be off. When you try to adjust the temperature, particularly at a differential rate, you introduce additional error, the error of your fallacy.
    When the real data in other forms go against your theory, it is cause to reexamine your theory. The collective opinion of the clueless, is still fallacy.

  2. The ‘theory’ made a prediction. The prediction was not observed. The theory is therefore bunk, and you have to think of something else. That is called science. Try applying the Laws of Thermodynamics, and you would have concluded it was rubbish years ago.

    • arn says:

      It never was about science.

      Even if we ignore all failures,climate gate or the ice age scare,
      we will realise that global warming happens at the eact same rate the globalist want and need it to happen to justify and push agenda 2030.

      Without this deus ex machina the one world government Warburg had been talking about at the Senate would be impossible.
      And a deus ex machina is never about science but a fiction, a cheap excuse to shift the momentum at the end of the story .

      • Disillusioned says:

        It has always been about the Agenda. Very few people, even on these threads, acknowledge it. It is as if they can’t even bring themselves to say it. Nobody wants to believe what is coming. Some dance around it. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s been written down for decades. I appreciate your commentary.

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