Wind Turbines Falling Down

“On a calm, sunny day last June, Mike Willey was feeding his cattle when he got a call from the local sheriff’s dispatcher. A motorist had reported that one of the huge turbines at a nearby wind farm had collapsed in dramatic fashion. Willey, chief of the volunteer fire department in Ames, 90 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, set out to survey the scene.

The steel tower, which once stood hundreds of feet tall, was buckled in half, and the turbine blades, whose rotation took the machine higher than the Statue of Liberty, were splayed across the wheat field below. The turbine, made by General Electric Co., had been in operation less than a year. “It fell pretty much right on top of itself,” Willey says.”

Wind Turbine Farms Power Giant Tower Collapse News – Bloomberg

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6 Responses to Wind Turbines Falling Down

  1. Laka says:

    Thank you for quoting the article almost in its entirety, and then reproducing the same article immediately thereafter. This is very helpful and not annoying at all. Perhaps clarity could be further aided by reproducing the article several more times, for example, one copy could be underlined, the next in Italics, the next underlined, and so on for several pages. Thank you.

    • paul courtney says:

      Mr. Laka: Don’t know if you are in USA, but when it comes to telling hard facts to enviros, saying it twice is the absolute minimum.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      What’s your problem? Are you paying for space at this website? Are you being paid to design the website? Did you read the whole thing twice before you realized it was the same thing?

  2. These bird choppers are crap…a Friend of mine refused to use one for power on his place. He used solar and had a generator – GASOLINE – as his power sources.
    AND most windmills only produce…well they produce TONS of garbage (Pollution) and making Mince Meat of birds.

  3. GWS says:

    Dumb ideas from dumb people is always at bottom of human disasters.

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