Greenland Country Club Devastated By Pakistani Revelation

Yesterday, the leading Pakistani global warming official announced that the Greenland ice sheet melted in just four days this summer.

The golf pro at the Greenland Country Club has reports that this announcement is devastating their business. People used to travel half way around the world to putt their famous white greens.

Golfers coming off the 18th hole today have been reporting that conditions are excellent and that the beer is cold.

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4 Responses to Greenland Country Club Devastated By Pakistani Revelation

  1. Sean says:

    I guess some folks just don’t like water hazards on their golf courses.

    • Andy OZ says:

      I wish there were frozen water hazards on my local golf course. I wouldn’t lose so many golf balls, and my shots would go so much further.

  2. Looks like the fuel pit is on fire (again). Another abortive attempt to get rid of the gophers, by that clown of a groundskeeper.

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