Obama Nominee Gets Iran’s Endorsement


Obama is far more interested in getting endorsements from Iran than he is from Oklahoma – where every county voted Republican. Obama understands that Republicans are the most evil force on the planet.

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36 Responses to Obama Nominee Gets Iran’s Endorsement

  1. PatN says:

    republicans are to iraq, as hitler was to poland.

  2. PatN says:

    and bush ended that by killing a million more, along with over 4000 of our kids. but the oilman must get oil.

  3. PatN says:

    glad to see that you agree with me about clinton. i’ve made the same point about him when addressing all the violence that our very violent society has been committing for the last 200+ years.

    • Chewer says:

      Has man’s mind changed at all in the past several thousand years?
      Same story, different century!

    • sunsettommy says:

      Sure PatN sure and just overlook the powerful Babylonians,Macedonians,Romans,Persians,Egyptians,Assurians and many more nations that were also violent and what about that Utipian nation Sparta?

      Meanwhile what about France trying several different times in the last 1,200 years to conquer all of europe and and even beyond or Germany who TWICE started World wars that caused death to MILLIONS or that socialist paradise of the nations of the Soviet Union and China where over 100 MILLION people died in the last 100 years due to their crack government decision making process.

      I will leave out England,India,Sweden,Netherlands,the African continent and many more nations you have never heard of.

      Somehow I think you are incredibly,wildly,profoundly stupidly ignorant of PAST history.

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    Dumbocrats stand to kill a lot more in their own country with “carbon taxes” by freezing old people and people who can’t pay for heat as it is. Same kind of stupid thing Dumbocrats have been doing since Jack Kennedy gave his going-nowhere brother Teddy a job.

  5. sunsettommy says:

    PatN tries to look smart but flops badly because he lacks reading skills:

    “but mama, johnny was doing it before me.

    sounds like a good excuse to be a rouge state with 10,000 nukes.

    you ought to pack your stupid f’ing tent and head into the sunset. you are useless idiot.”

    I see that you bring out your mindless bigotry in suggesting that I am making excuses for the 10,000 Nukes and that I am as dumb as you.

    I merely pointed out that it is the same throughout history and you come back with nothing but wind and piss.That is because you are as I suspected very ignorant of past history of warfare based on your snotty reply.

    Go back to your sandbox kid.

  6. sunsettommy says:

    PatN once again shows his lack of critical thinking skills with a dead on arrival comment:

    “you rwnjs do have a lot of trouble with facts. how’s that ‘legitimate rape’ working for you? or creationism? sure…. humans have co-existed with dinosaurs. how far did you get in school?”

    He brings up rape,creationism humans and dinosaurs sharing earth together and if I finished school which has nothing to do with my one line reply

    “LOL the lies from you flow like a river.”

    which is a response to his lies,

    “and bush ended that by killing a million more, along with over 4000 of our kids. but the oilman must get oil.”

    But of course they are bogus claims of a million dead and that Iraq is a minor supplier of oil to America which went went down AFTER the war.

    Next time park your nasy bigotry and lies at your basement door and post like a mature man.

  7. sunsettommy says:

    Wow PatN is making me think he is lying about being in the DOD because he sure shows his ignorance on who the threats are in America:

    “i don’t have to purchase any guns, got access to all that i need to protect myself from the rwnj militias and you guys.”

    For your information fella not a sincle NRA member or a non liberal did any of those mass murders in schools and stores.It was always someone on drugs or being mentally ill.

    You are exposed,please go away and take your lies and bigotry with you.

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