English Newspaper Devotes Permanent Section To US Gun Confiscation

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King George III gives his seal of approval.


The violent crime rate in the UK is eight times higher than in the US. Guardian writers have a reputation for liking to bend over, but they have no business interfering in US politics.

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3 Responses to English Newspaper Devotes Permanent Section To US Gun Confiscation

  1. jst1 says:

    We kicked them out of the country twice. You would think that they would gt the message.

  2. Michael says:

    They lost £33m in the financial year. Now they are trying the same in Australia, launching an Oz edition website, they see the country as rife for green socialist propaganda, but their timing is about as good as Al Gore. Some very strong elements are driving this green scientology. The US, despite Obama, are light years ahead of the UK when it comes to democracy. Piers Morgan first, now the Guardian.

    What’s going on and just why does the British want to drive the agenda in the US?

    If Moonbat takes on gun control like he did climatology, he is only going to end up shooting himself in the foot, literally.

  3. Idiotboy says:

    Don’t confuse what the Guardian says with mainstream brit opinion. There is no desire to drive an agenda anywhere. This rag and its star nutjob would be a busted flush without government support.

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