Global Warming Is Caused By Mann-Made Data Tampering

The image below extends the 1975 National Academy of Sciences Northern Hemisphere temperature graph, with RSS Northern Hemisphere satellite temperatures. There are warming and cooling cycles, but no warming trend.

ScreenHunter_1353 Jan. 08 11.39

NASA and NOAA creates the imaginary trend, by massively cooling temperatures between 1890 and 1960 (green line below.)

screenhunter_962-sep-26-09-36 (2)

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18 Responses to Global Warming Is Caused By Mann-Made Data Tampering

  1. The fraudulent nature of the adjusted (and surface-measured) temperature records seems to be the main obstacle to getting the media to understand the non-warming reality. The Weather Channel is defending the term “polar vortex” today–repeatedly–and they have thrown in a graph of adjusted global temperatures (or temperature anomalies, deviation from an arbitrarily-defined average temp) to make the point that “global warming” is still going on (even though they admitted the polar vortex “may” have nothing to do with global warming, they felt obliged to support the incompetent “consensus” on it, in their defense of the term “polar vortex”).

    It took several years to get the “global warming hiatus” recognized in (at least some of) the media, and even among skeptics of the consensus; it may take just as long to drive home the point you are making here, that the adjustments to past temperatures are systematically biased, at odds with 1970’s climate science (and obviously fraudulent, particularly for US temperatures). As I have said many times, this should be front-page news; it shows starkly that there is no valid climate science and no competent climate scientists (despite the high regard readers may have for this or that “skeptical” climate scientist; they are not making the definitive point made here, so to this physicist they are incompetent).

  2. Hugh K says:

    While NASA twiddles it’s political thumbs playing the non-scientific hide the decline game, General William Shelton, the commander of the Air Force Space Command, said in a speech Tuesday that China currently has a missile that can destroy U.S. satellites and warned that the threat of both space weapons and high-speed orbiting debris is growing.
    We have a problem Houston. And it is much bigger than destroying historical temperature data to propagandize the non-issue of CAGW. It is far past time for NASA to start focusing on real threats from space rather than imaginary threats on earth.

    • BobW in NC says:

      Tragically, NASA will not be able to do anything such as you suggest until the current administration and their minions are no longer in power. They have taken absolute control of NASA, the DOJ, CIA, FBI and any other agency that counts. Not one makes a move without their say-so.

      China is rapidly showing itself to be a potential existential threat. Let’s pray that it can be hobbled soon.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Got to love it, Real Clear Politics is linking today to a powerlineblog post that replays this blog’s Time Magazine Goes Both Ways On The Polar Vortex post. That’s a really good post because it exposes the utter absurdity of many if not most of the positions of these shameless scare mongers.

    Quotes showing the despite the inconclusive science propaganda of the warmists, the squawking Chicken Littles are hellbent on totally reworking the world into their globalized de-industrialized anti-libertarian utopia dystopia, and are willing to forcibly silence and even kill any opposition:
    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” -Maurice Strong, ex UNEP Director
    “Now is the time to draw up a master plan for sustainable growth and world development based on global allocation of [limited] resources and a new global economic system. ” -Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point
    “However it is achieved, a thorough reorganisation of production, consumption and distribution will be the end result of humanity’s response to the climate emergency.” -Walden Bello, leftist director of Focus on the Global South
    “It’s time for climate change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies.” -Richard Glover, Environmental Activist
    “[I propose climate sceptics be exposed] to high concentrations of either carbon dioxide or some other colourless, odourless gas – say, carbon monoxide.” -Jill Singer, Australian Ecojournalist
    “It is clear that 1998 did not match the record warmth of 1934.” -James Hansen, NASA
    “The mismatch between rising greenhouse-gas emissions and not-rising temperatures [15 year temperature stall] is among the biggest puzzles in climate science just now.” -The Economist, April 2013

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Defense mechanism: new data is better than old data and it’s just scientific progress.

    And old violins suck too, and old paintings, and old literature, and old architecture, and old inventions.

    They really believe this, actually, all of it, one big basketful of bullshit.

  5. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Hide the Decline
    Hide the Hiatus
    Hide the Data Tampering
    Hide the Truth

    Government climate scientists have a lot to answer for, some of which maybe criminal, all of which is bending the fraud curve.

    Many careers should be terminated, many pensions confiscated.

  6. gregole says:

    And keep in mind; x-axis measured in decades, y-axis measured in fractions of a degree. Panic? What panic. Global warming – goes up a little, goes down a little, mostly doesn’t do much. Even with massive data tampering these clowns haven’t much to show for the so-called warming. A minute amount of warming is the least of humanity’s problems. Bad government is a much bigger problem.

  7. Karl W. Braun says:

    John Holdren, the Obama administration’s science czar weighs in:

  8. edonthewayup says:

    Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    Global warming data tampering creates global warming.

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