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US Climate Should Be Gone By 2020

NOAA lost 10% of their US temperature readings between 2012 and 2013. At the current rate of decline, the US will no longer have a climate by early next decade.

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Reader Quiz

There is snow on the ground in 49 states today. Which state doesn’t have snow?

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Mann-Made Global Warming Arrives In Florida

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Fires From Ruptured Natural Gas Lines Destroyed San Francisco In 1906

Just think what 3,000 psi CNG lines would do.

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Why Are People Always Complaining About SkS?

I always hear climate skeptics complaining about SkS, but I think that SKS are great. Particularly the Russian made ones.

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My Two Natural Gas Explosions

When I was a child living in Los Alamos, a house across the canyon exploded. The house was demolished and all of the houses within a quarter mile (including ours) were damaged. The neighboring houses were lifted of their foundations. … Continue reading

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Understanding Climate Feedback

Obama tells government scientists that they have to agree with him, or lose their jobs. Government scientists then agree with him. Obama then says “100% of government scientists agree with me” Kook and Nuttercelli then write a paper about the … Continue reading

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Obama Destroying Science

By declaring an official and unassailable scientific position on “climate change”-  it is now career threatening for any government scientist to produce evidence to the contrary. Undoubtedly the most disgusting anti-science event in US history. Climate change is a completely … Continue reading

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High Pressure Gas Pipeline Explosion Earlier This Week

Hours before Obama’s call for Americans to be packed into CNG explosive cars, this explosion occurred on a high pressure gas pipeline in Canada at -32C. It burned for 12 hours with flames 300 feet tall. It was one of … Continue reading

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The Obamacar

Here is one of Obama’s natural gas powered Honda Civics CNG has to be kept at more than 200 atmospheres pressure. You can think of it as a large conventional explosive located six inches underneath your children. One of the … Continue reading

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